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Hand tools are hand-operated products that assist workers in building, gardening, and fixing a variety of objects.

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Why was the Titanic remarkable?

Right. The Titanic was remarkable because for it's time it was the biggest man-made ship. It had the biggest capacity and the most elaborate cabin areas, surpassing those before it and even it's twin sister. It was claimed to be unsinkable, the first ship to ever be able to say this. HOWEVER, it did sink, unfortunately, EPIC FAIL. Edit by someone: You forgot the big death toll of 1,502 people of the 2,224 people ...
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What is a pommel on a knife?

It is a cap, usually metal, on the end of the handle. The end AWAY from the blade. On top of this previous answer, the pommel is a design seen since swords (and daggers) were first made of bronze. In their simplest form, they can be used to lock a blade into the handle by method of securing the blade's tang (the rod/slice coming out of the exposed blade through the handle), making the knife as a whole more durable. Pommels offer the...
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What are the contributions of medieval period to education?

The first primary schools were opened by the Byzantine Empire in 425 AD, and the system was maintained until 1453. The earliest universities were medieval, and the system we use for university education is still based to some degree on medieval universities. The bachelor's, master's, and doctor's degrees are all medieval. The oldest 70 or so schools and 60 or so universities were all founded in the Middle Ages. The early universities tended to teach science and philosophy very dogmatically based on ancient texts....
Asked in Oil and Oil Filters, Lexus RX, Hand Tools

Who sells a 2008 Lexus RX 350 oil filter wrench?

Try eBay for $53.00 Dollars or for $15 AND change goodluck. ...
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How do you sharpen a spear?

I used an 'Arkansas whetstone' on mine.
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How do you use socket wrench?

Depends on what you are needing it for. First you should determine what size socket wrench [ratchet] to use. If using a small socket in a small place, try either a 1/4" or 3/8" drive ratchet. Second will see a square piece on the head of the ratchet. You take the socket, and match the two squares together. (Note: On some ratchets, you may simply be able to push the socket on, while others, there may be a small circle on the opposite...
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Is it safe to remove teeth with pliers?

If you are having that much trouble with getting a tooth out then go to the dentist. Dentists use sterile medical pliers but regular pliers would be unsafe. Good answer from some lucky or affluent person who has a medical plan. Has it ever occured to you that there are millions of people, even in America or Canada who cannot AFFORD to go to a dentist ? ...
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Are pliers a wedge?

No, pliers are 2 levers working in together.
Asked in Hand Tools

How do you sharpen a Phillips screwdriver?

I will assume by "sharpen" you mean "clean up", so it will grip screws firmly again. Use a small three-cornered file. Stroke in one direction only, and strive to keep the file straight and level. It helps to clamp the screwdriver diagonally in a vise, and work accordingly. DO NOT bring the tip to a "point" - the bottom of a Phillips screw head is rounded. Best way to avoid chewing up the tip of a Phillips screwdriver is to use...
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What is the value of the Walden Worcester 1909 combination Wrench set?

I am not sure of how much it might be worth but I would be interested in seeing some photos ...
Asked in Companies, Hand Tools, Sears

What year was the Sears Roebuck and Company electric drill model 3152577a made?

put that info into a search engine-thats what i do. "information on sears electric drill model 10725833" it will show u tons of results and just weed thru them. youll find the information repairing drills in 2005 is more expensive than buying new ones. ...
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What kind of gun does Detective Hammer carry in Sledge Hammer?

Smith & Wesson Model 29 - .44 Magnum
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What is a speed wrench used for?

For removing fasteners at a faster rate by using a ratcheting wrench as opposed to the traditional combination wrench which requires you to remove the wrench and reposition it after the range if motion has been reached. ...
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What does the wrench symbol on a Honda mean?

It is telling you it is time to get your oil changed.
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Why are scissors sometimes called shears?

Scissors and shears are functionally the same. The word shears tends to be applied to larger units and the word scissors to smaller, but just how large something has to be before it is shears instead of scissors is not well defined. So one person may call it a scissors while another would call the same thing a shears. ...
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How important are hand tools and power tools in making handicrafts?

The automotive hand tools are very important and with their ergonomic design and varied sizes, they can do an excellent job of reaching into tight areas, making them easy to move around engine parts. · tools make life easier because they ease the work man has to do with his own hands. Not only do power tools help you finish a job in a fraction of the time you would have taken if you attempted to do it without them, it also...
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How do you use an electric tile saw?

you use it Well they do come with instructions, make sure you get the right blade for the right tile,keep water flowing it will prolong the life of the blade,and you are less likely to chip the tile, dont force the tile into the blade push it gently once it starts you hardly have to apply any pressure. When using a wet saw make none of the cords are frayed, it gets kinda messy so I wouldn't use it inside a finshed...
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How much does metal handcuffs cost?

It depends on the qeuality of the equipment. Novelty store cuffs can be bought for a few dollars. Professional-grade handcuffs can cost upwards of a hundred dollars. ...
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Why do you have to use the appropriate hand tools in wiring?

Work quickly. More safety. The correct wiring.