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no ask your teacher it and she/ he will calculate it and tell you.

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Q: Is the passing score the composite score?
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How do you calculate the MAT score from the composite score?

composite score*368/800

What is The average of the five subject test scores for the act called?

composite score

What is the passing composite score for the nln--pax?

A composite percentile score of 50 or better or verbal percentile score of 60 or better is required for the level exam taken. For students interested in the PN program, the score can be found under the "DI" column. For students enrolled in the ADN program, the score can be found under the "AD" percentile column.

What is a Passing score on the PMP?

PMP Passing score is 61%.

How do you calculate composite score in mat?

My mat composite score is 608.5.what is my percentile in mat?

How is a composite SAT score calculated?

The composite SAT score is based on critical reading, math, and writing. The maximum combined score is 2400. You just add the scores from the three sections to determine your composite score.

What is a passing score on the SAT Subject Test in chemistry?

the passing score starts at 450

What is the passing score for a ASE test?

80% is a passing score or 48 out of 60 questions

What is the average act score at usc?

what is the ACT score composite score

What is a passing score on the SAT Subject Test in biology?

What is a passing score on the sat subject in biology]

What is a passing score on the certified internal auditor exam?

The passing score for the exam is 75 percent.

Passing score on a property and casualty exam for Virginia?

The passing score for each part of the exam is 70%.