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Is the path of sperm and menstruation the same?

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Yes, but in opposite directions.

Menstruation comes from the wall of the uterus, through the cervix and out of the vagina.

Sperm comes into the vagina, through the cervix, enters the uterus, enters an egg and implants on the wall of the uterus.

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No, conception isn't possible during menstruation. During menstruation there is no egg present to be fertilised, although it's important to point out that a woman may still be fertile during menstruation: there may be fertile cervical mucus present, which can keep sperm alive in the vagina long enough so that there is still sperm present when a woman ovulates after menstruation.

You will wait for another 28 days until a sperm cell enters your body. If not, menstruation will happen again.

Yes. You can use the same after the menstruation. That is the best time to use the same.

The same thing that causes pregnancy after menstruation: sex.

No. The blood washes the sperm out. Only animals get pregnant when they bleed.

in the absence of fertilization the ova would rupture leading to menstruation.

Sperm starts in the testicles and starts its path in the vas difference. The final path is through the urethra until it is released at the end of the penis.

menstruation is still the same, eggs just stop passing through the ovaries

When an egg is not fertilized by sperm, this causes the breakdown of the uterus lining. It is known as menstruation.

Semen is the fluid the sperm are in. Sperm are the individual cells.

Superstitious beliefs about menstruation include not washing your hair when menstruating. The superstitions about menstruation are myths and most women live life the same when they are menstruating. Superstitions that you cannot swim or bath during menstruation are false.

Yes sperm and semen are both the same thing.

it can there is never an 100 % chane you cant get pregnant , but most likely not Sperm in the vagina during Menstruation (periods) will not lead to pregnancy.

there is always a chance, of course it is lowered but sperm can stay alive in a woman's uterus for over a week

No, a woman cannot get pregnant during menstruation as there is no egg present to fertilise. However a woman may be fertile during menstruation, meaning that sperm may survive long enough in the vagina to still be around by the time she does ovulate.

I'm confused. Men's health and menstruation shouldn't really be together. Sperm coming out of where and you've never started your period or not for the month or what?

disintegrates into the vaginal wall if not united with a sperm

Menstruation occurs usually every 28days. A woman releases an egg from one of her ovarys and it travels through the fallopian tubes and waits to be fertilised by the male sperm. If this doesnt occur the uterus sheds its lining, and that's how a woman/girl gets her "monthly period" (menstruation)i hope this was helpful.

No, you wouldn't fall pregnant during your period as there is no egg present during menstruation. However it is possible for you to be fertile during menstruation, this would mean that sperm from sex during menstruation may live long enough to fertilise the egg released during ovulation.

Anything is possible since sperm can live 3-5 days inside of a woman.

can one menstrate and ovulate at the same time.