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Q: Is the pre-trip inspection on a school bus required by law?
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Do you have to wear a seatbelt on a bus?

If the bus has seatbelts on it (for ex. a charter bus) then yes, you are required to wear a seatbelt. If you are referring to a school bus, then no, seatbelts are not required.

What part of the CDL driver book you have to study for a school bus driver?

You'll have to take the General Knowledge test, air brakes test (if applicable), passenger test, you'll have to perform your pretrip and road test in a bus of the appropriate class for the class of license you're going for, and you'll have to undergo a background check for the school bus endorsement.

Is it the law that a school bus have a pre-trip inspection?

Yes. It is a law applicable to ALL CMVs.

Where can I find cheap school bus for sale?

You can find a cheap school bus for sale on craigslist. You need to do your research and make sure that you are getting a legitimate school bus in decent working condition. You should also bring along a mechanic for inspection.

Do you have to reinspect a school bus if it sits 2 hours or more after initial inspection in Ohio?

Although it is not a law in Ohio it has been recommended that a driver reinspect the school bus if it has been left unattended for 2 hours or more. The original driver does not have to fill out new inspection forms unless they find something wrong with the bus. This is for the safety of the students as well as the driver, encase the school bus may have been tampered with.

How do you turn on the school bus lights in a pre trip inspection?

The location of the switches depends on what chassis the bus is manufactured on. They may be attached to the stalk switch, or on the dash.

Can anyone except a mechanic go under the hood of a school bus?

No. You have to be a qualified bus mechanic to work on school buses.

When do school buses do routes before school?

Bus Drivers do a pre-trip, just a basic inspection of the bus to see if everything is ready to go. Before afternoon runs, probably sit and watch tv while eating pizza. ;)

How do you get a School Bus Driving License in US?

To be able to drive a school bus in USA, you are required to own a commercial driving license (CDL) along with endorsements for School Bus (S). These requirements vary across the states in USA and it is necessary that you do you research well before applying at the school district office. So, how do you go about it?

Is it 'schoolbus' or 'school bus'?

school bus

What shade of yellow is a school bus?

School Bus Chrome National School Bus Yellow either one

What does Toman ustedes el bus escolar a la escuela mean?

"Take the school bus to school."or "Do you take the school bus to school?"