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Yes the president is elected by the voters of the U.S.

Actually... no, the president is not elected by voters.

The President is Elected by the Electoral Votes from each state...

the voters don't really have a say. Our Jeffersonian democracy

is designed to protect the rights of slaveowning landholders.

The Electoral college still exists today. There is no democracy in America.

Note: Even when a president is elected, the President and VP have no real power.

Since the Reagan administration, the National Security Council has veto power over our president and his VP. These nonelected economic appointees are the real power in America. They select and enforce our domestic and foreign agendas.

Just the facts:

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Q: Is the president elected by the voters?
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How is the president of Mexico elected?

The president is directly elected by voters in a single round.

The president of the US is directly elected by?

The electoral college which is directly elected by voters elects the president.

Who was the first president to be elected with the help of woman voters?

President Warren Harding was the first American president to be elected with the support of female voters. The election was in 1920. Harding was the Republican representative in the presidential election for that term.

First president elected by a minority of the voters?


Why do we have a black president?

He was elected by the majority of American voters.

What does re-Elected mean?

An example is when the American President is re-elected by the American voters to serve another term as President.

How are the governor and the president elected different?

A state's governor is directly elected by its registered voters. The U. S. president (and vice president) is elected by a group of electors appointed by the states.

Who was the first only president to serve who was not elected by US voters either as president or vice president?

george washington

In1920 American voters elected a president who promised to?

return to normalcy

By throwing his support behind John Quincy Adams this unsuccessful candidate prevented the voters' choice from being elected president in the 1824 election?

Your question has a problem. First there was no " voters choice". Congress decided who was to be president. He was elected by the House.

What is Presidential electors?

A person elected by the voters to represent them in making a formal selection of the Vice President and President.

How is the President of France elected?

The French president is elected in a two-turn election, with direct and universal vote. Voters are the French nationals aged 18 and more.

How did Mandela become president?

He was released from prison and then elected by voters in a democratic process.

The president of the US is indirectly elected by?

INdirectly by the voters; directly by the Electoral College.

In 1920 American voters elected a President who promised .?

to increase the u.s role in world affairs

Who elects the members of the Texas electoral Collage?

The members of the electoral college who are from Texas are elected by the registered voters of Texas, just as every other member of the electoral college is elected by the registered voters of his/her state. The public has never elected a U. S. President. When you think you are voting for president, you are actually voting for the people who will elect the president.

Does the president and governor of Illinois get elected by a special convention of political party leaders?

No- they are both elected by the rank-and-file voters.

What president was not elected by the electoral college or voters?

Gerald Ford was the only President who not elected to either president or vice-president. He was appointed vice-president after the elected Vice-President Agnew resigned and became president after Nixon resigned as President. Presidents John Tyler, Millard Fillmore,Andrew Johnson and Chester Alan Arthur was all elected vice-president but never were elected President.

Is the US Vice President elected by voters the same as the President?

no..the presidential candidate decides whom he will appoint to run as vice president with him

What is a presidential elector?

A presidential elector is a person elected by the voters to represent them in making a formal selection of the Vice President and President.

In 1920 American voters elected a president who promised?

to increase the u.s role in world affairs

In 1920 American voters elected a president who promised what?

To increase the u.s roles in world affairs

Who elected President Obama?

Most of his voters were people under thirty, females, and black Americans.

A presidential candidate is selected by congress?

No. The president and vice president are the only national officers of the government elected by voters of the entire United States.

Does the president select the members of congress?

No. Representatives and Senators are elected to office by voters in their represented state and districts.