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Muslims follow the religion of Islam. Therefore, the Quran of Islam is the Quran of the Muslims.


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Muslim is the one who is following Islam religion. Islam is the religion per God revelation of Quran to prophet Muhammad through the angel Gabriel.

A Muslim can not be a muslim if they don't believe or follow Islam as Quran and prophet Muhammad teachings are the foundation of one's faith.

Islam is not the same as Muslim they have differences! thanks J.S from yr 8

When a Christian man cinvert into Islam he becomes a Muslim and Islam rules apply to him, e.g he can marry a Muslim woman.

Islam is the religion. A Muslim is someone who practices Islam.

Islam is the religion & Muslim is the person who follows it.

The name of the religion is "Islam", a "Muslim" is a person who believes in Islam.

Mohammed said that an angel gave him a gold copy of the quran. That would be the start of Muslim (Islam).

Islam only has one true religion, the other one is like group of people who think that quran is bring by ali not muhamed ... but both of them have the same holy book quran.

Islam means 'submission (to God's will). Muslims believe that Islam started with the first human. Anyone who submits to the will of God is called a Muslim. The Quran states that Abraham was a Muslim, as were the disciples of Jesus.

"Muslim" is a person who follows the religion "Islam".

Any Muslim uses the quran as the holy book of Islam religion. Refer to the related questions below for more information.

Unfortunately, these terms are used interchangeably in todays society. However, Islam is a religion, while a Muslim is an follower of Islam. Muslim can also be used as an adjective describing something as Islamic. IS MUSLIM AND ISLAM THE SAME THING THOUGH.?

islamiyat is a subject which is taught in Muslim countries.. it is actually the study of Islam and Quran. Save

Muslim is who follows Islam religion

There is no such thing as Muslim pronunciations as the language of Islam is Arabic. You can find Arabic pronunciations on YouTube or apps such as "Quran reader".

A muslim would say yes... a non muslim would say no... Get a quran (the holy book) and read the translation

Islam is a religion per God revelation of Quran to prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Followers of Islam are called Muslims. No Muslim worship Islam or Muhammad.

Islam is a religion per God revelation of Quran to prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Followers of Islam are called Muslims. No Muslim worship Islam or Muhammad.

Koran or Quran is the Holy Book revealed on Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) and Bible or Injeal is the Holy Book revealed on Prophet Jesus ( Hazrat I'sa A.S). So for a non -Muslim Quran is Islam's Bible but for a Muslim Quran is Quran and Bible is the Holy Book preceding Quran. (remember for a Muslim both Holy Books are to be equally respected but Quran is to be followed)

Muslim believe the book, called the "Quran", contains the word of God.

Jesus is the Messiah and was Muslim as he called to full surrender (Islam in Arabic) to God; the Creator. However, if you mean the prophet of Islam per Quran God revelation, then he is prophet Muhammad.

Answer is yes Assalam-0-alaikum Bcoz jesus(pbuh) greeting in hebrew meaning the same peace be upon you as muslim greeting..! See quran and science i bet u will be a muslim if u understand quran See dr.zakir naik if u have any question about islam

Islam is the name for the religion and Muslim is what practitioners of Islam are called. Muslim can be pluralized to Muslims. Islam is never made plural.

Quran is the Muslims holy book and God words revealed to Prophet Muhammad through the Angel Gabriel. Quran revelation was in the same Arabic language that is used currently so it represents the real God words with no single letter modification. Belief in Quran is a basic Islam faith principle that if denied by any Muslim he/she is no longer Muslim. Quran, together with Prophet Muhammad Sunna (sayings and practices) is the source of all Islam ritual worships and morals. See related questions listed below for more information.

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