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Nasal surgery must result in swelling and bruising. The eyelids are easily bruised and swollen with very little trauma. Individual swelling and bruising will depend on the problem treated, surgical techniques needed, after surgery program, and how your tissues heal. External splint and sutures are removed 8 days after surgery. Yes, because in most cases (especially bumps on the nose or hooked nose) the surgeon will break the nose first.

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How old was Michael Jackson when he got his first nose job?

He was 20 years old. because he broke his nose practicing a spin and fell on his face

How many times has Michael Jackson had plastic surgery?

He had plastic surgery twice. There are many rumors that he went crazy with them, but he didn't. His first nose job was because he broke his nose.

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What is the recovery time for facial plastic surgery?

"That depends on how much facial surgery you are having done. If you just get your nose done, it's a few weeks to a month. If you have a nose job and a face lift it will be longer."

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Does a nose job weaken the nose?


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The average cost of a nose job is approximately $4,545. Another term for nose job is rhinoplasty.

Did Zac Efron have a nose job?

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No not unless you get a nose job

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he got a nose lift..because his dad told him he had a big noseThat is an idiotic answer. He fell off a stage and broke his nose, then after getting the surgery to fix it he was having breathing problems so he had a correctional surgery to fix the problem. (MJ_Nerd)

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