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Is the red wolf related to the gray wolf?


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Yes! in fact, the red wolf is also a canine. However, some say it is simply a mixed breed crossing a red fox and a gray wolf.


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The gray wolf is much bigger than the red fox.

there are two species of wolves. the red wolf and the gray wolf. the mexican gray wolf is a type of gray wolf. so they are actually the same but the mexican gray wolf just specifies the region its in whereas the gray wolf is more of an umbrella term. :)

No. They are different species. The gray is Canis Lupus, and the red is Canis Rufus.

There are only three species of wolves: gray wolf, Ethiopian wolf, and red wolf. Timber wolves are only a subspecies of gray wolves.

Yes. The red wolf is around 3/4 the size of the gray, weighing to around eighty pounds.

They are more rare then the gray wolf and Red wolves are a mix of coyote and Wolf.

Gray Wolf Red Wolf Mexican Gray Wolf Maned Wolf Arabian Wolf Artic Wolf Dire Wolf Ethiopian Wolf and European Wolf?

they can kill them, but they din't eat them.

The classification of the red wolf is currently unanswered. Some scientists claim it is a separate species while others say it is a gray wolf-coyote hybrid.

On a gray wolf it is red, and pure white.

The gray wolf is a nonspecific subspecies of the wolf, Canis lupus, which has 39 named subspecies including the domestic dog Canis lupus familiaris.The Eurasian gray wolf is Canis lupus lupus.The gray wolf is Canis Lupus. The red wolf is Canis Rufus.

The red wolf is a species however there is no such species as a black wolf, therefore no scientific name. But as 'rufus' is latin for red, I guess the latin word for 'black' would be used in the 'Black Wolf' Species' scientific name.

The Gray wolf is Canis Lupus. The red wolf is Canis Rufus.

It is gray.It is a wolf.Gray+Wolf=Gray Wolf.See it's as simple as that!

Grey wolf, red wolf, coyote, Ethiopian wolf. The Arctic or Tundra wolf is a race of the gray wolf.

Canis Lupus (Gray Wolf) Canis Rufus (Red Wolf)

The domestic dog is the same species as the wolf, just a different subspecies.

Domestic dogs are the same species as the gray wolf, just a different subspecies. Dogs are domesticated wolves.

Well, they both are endangered and they both live in forests. I'm guessing family or country.They are part of the same Domain, Kingdom, Phylum, Class, Order, Caniformia, Family, and Genus (Canis). The gray wolf is canis lupus; the red wolf is canis rufus.

The Gray Wolf, Red Wofl, Ethadopein Wolf and the Cioytey if they count. From Wolf Girl :)

The red wolf is, once again, thought to be a subspecies of the gray wolf - Canis lupus rufus. However it may actually be a hybrid between a gray wolf and a coyote.

The Italian state animal is the Italian Wolf, related to the Gray Wolf.

they didn't,the red wolf is about to become extinct but not the grey wolf The gray wolf currently is not endangered. The red wolf is however, around 110 reside in North Carolina's Alligator River Refuge, where they are strictly protected, and their numbers are slowly increasing.

There is a split in the scientific community over the taxonomy of the red wolf. Some scientists state it is a different species - Canis rufus. Others claim it is a subspecies of the gray wolf - canis lupus rufus.

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