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Q: Is the rumor true that the buffalo nickel is going to be recalled?
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Were the 2005 Buffalo Nickels discontinued because of the penis?

No. This is a rumor that has crossed the country but there is no truth in it. While the buffalo is clearly male, there is very little difference in the buffalo on the 2005 buffalo from the buffalo on the Buffalo nickel produced from 1913 through 1938. Click on the link named "BUFFALO NICKEL" in the "RELATED LINKS" at the lower left corner of this box to see for yourself. Click on the link named "2005 Buffalo" to see the 2005 nickel.

Was the 2005 buffalo nickel re-stamped because of the male gender showing under his belly?

Just found one of these nickesl and happenned to notice this myself as well. I just googled it to see if it was worth anything and saw a few articles about what your saying. Everything I've read has said that is false, that was a rumor, the nickels aren't being recalled.

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