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No they are not under any special status or protection. :)

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What are the protections under the Bill of Rights?

protection under the bill of rights in the constitution of tanzania

What are four protections guaranteed under the 5th amendment?


Is Hong Kong a part of china?

Yes, but it does not fall under the Chinese Communist Party. It falls under the status of Special Administrative Region. Hong Kong governs itself, although it does not have an armed force.

Lobbying is protected under what amendment?

The First Amendment of the federal constitution and similar protections in state constitutions.

Why do you need rights in a constitution?

A Constitution, is basically a contract between the State and the Citizen. This imposes certain duties upon the Citizen, in exchange for certain protections, it's these protections that form the basis of the Citizen's Rights, under the Constitution.

How does the Fourteenth Amendment extend the Bill of Rights' protections to citizens of the state?

It requires equal protection under the law.

Do unmarried couples have the same rights as married couples when separating?

No. There are state and federal laws that bestow scores of legal rights, obligations and protections to legally married couples. Unmarried couples have no such rights, obligations nor protections under the law.

Can someone under asylum status be deported?


What political status has china offered to give Taiwan if it rejoins the mainland under one government?

A Special Administrative Region that can maintain its own armed forces. Like Hong Kong and Macau.

What is the fastest under water animal?

The cosmopolitan sailfish is considered the world's fastest fish over short distances. In a series of speed trials carried out in Florida, one cosmopolitan sailfish took out 91 m (300 ft) of line in 3 seconds, equivalent of a velocity of 109 km/h (68 mph).

What is the closest European country to new zealand?

New Caledonia is currently classed as a special part of France, (though that status is under review) and thus must be considered the closest part of a European country.

Which peoples were of the LOWEST status under the Zhou dynasty?


Do local governments under the states have no status in the US Constitution?


What was the woman status under the israelites law?

a man owned her

What is the meaning of an I under Repeat Status on a college transcript?


How can I check my visa status for Oman?

My oman visa is under process so i ieed visa status mohammad arif

What is the habitat of a sailfish?

Big idiotic,or under ur head or nose,or in ur brain. I'm pretty sure it's not that. I'm no science person. But i now that can't be rite

What does a 501C3 status entitle you to?

501(c)(3) status entitles a corporation to tax exempt status as a charitable organization under the U. S. Internal Revenue Code.


Probably not what you wanted, but the status indicator identifies whether the service described by the HCPCS code is paid under the OPPS and if so, whether payment is made separately or packaged. The status indicator may also provide additional information about how the code is paid under the OPPS or under another payment system or fee schedule.

What is the status Pakistan as India's neighbouring country?

under developed country

What kind of special rights did people in the upper class have in ancient rome?

The upper class in ancient Rome did not have any special rights. All Roman citizens had the same rights and everybody was equal under the Roman law. The upper class had more political power due to its wealth and status.

How can beavers breath under water?

They have special fins under their flabs

Can a US citizen be a refugee in another country?

Absolutely. Any person meeting the requirement for refugee status under the applicant country, and generally under international law, can be, in principle, accorded refugee status. Cases of U.S. citizens seeking refugee status are rare; accordance of refugee status to U.S. citizens still rarer. Cases do exist.

Can someone sue you for putting false information about them on Facebook?

Yes, this falls under Libel. Libel is a published form of lies that causes damage to another persons "status". "Status" is defined as, personal wealth, social status, employment status, etc.

Are full time students eligible for free health insurance?

Under the Affordable Care Act children carried under a parent's insurance plan will be guaranteed coverage until age 26. This coverage is regardless of student status, job status, and marital status among other things.