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Yes the sensory receptor is the first element.

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First order sensory neurons?

First order sensory neurons begin in the receptor, travel to dorsal/posterior gray horn of the spinal cord where they synapse with the second order sensory neurons.

The first pathway of photosynthesis was?

The first pathway of photosynthesis is the light reaction, which is the absorption of light energy from the sun by the chlorophyll in the plant. The pathway that follows this is the dark reaction or carbon fixation.

What is the first step in the common pathway of blood coagulation?

Blood coagulation can occur either through an intrinsic or extrinsic pathway. The first step in either pathway begins with the production of Factor X,which marks the common pathway of coagulation.

The first forms of life that produced ATP probably used pathways similar to what?

ATP/CP Pathway, Glycolytic Pathway, Oxidative Pathway

What is the first level of the somatosensory sytsem?


WhatConversion of a stimulus into a generator potential is?

Receptor potential, a type of graded potential, is the transmembrane potential difference of a sensory receptor. A receptor potential is often produced by sensory transduction. It is generally a depolarizing event resulting from inward current flow. The influx of current will often bring the membrane potential of the sensory receptor towards the threshold for triggering an action potential. A receptor potential is a form of graded potential, as is a generator potential. It arises when the receptors of a stimulus are separate cells. An example of this is in a taste bud, where taste is converted into an electrical signal sent to the brain. When stimulated the taste bud triggers the release of neurotransmitter through exocytosis of synaptic vesicles from the presynaptic membrane. The neurotransmitter molecules diffuse across the synaptic cleft to the postsynaptic membrane. A postsynaptic potential is then produced in the first order neuron, and if the stimulus is strong enough to reach threshold this may generate an action potential which may propagate along the axon into the central nervous system

The first pathway of cellular respiration is?


What is the the first pair of the cranial nerve?

I- Olefactory (sensory): smell. II- Optic (sensory): vision.

In the C4 pathway the first stable intermediate is?


What is the first stable intermediate of the C4 pathway?


When was partial spinal sensory syndrome developed?

Partial spinal sensory syndrome was first described in 1849

Which organ processes the sensory information the body receives?

Most sensory information goes to the thalamus first.

How do receptors work?

A receptor is generally a recognition molecule situated on the surface of a cell. A receptor is a molecule that is sensitive to a particular signal and is also able to transmit information to the nucleus in order to control gene regulation. In order for a receptor to function, it must first be activated. The binding of a ligand to the receptor places the receptor in the activated state. Once the receptor is activated, it is now able to transmit signal to the interior of the cell.

What enables a cell to pick up and concentrate a specific kind of molecule?

Receptor-mediated endocytosis: only a specific molecule, called a ligand, can bind to the receptor. Without receptor binding occurring first, endocytosis does not proceed.

What is the first order of neuron of taste pathway?

bipolar ganglion

An excess of end-product molecules alters the shape of the first enzyme in the pathway and shuts off that metabolic pathway?

Feedback Inhibition

Difference between receptor proteins and carrier proteins?

The First Word

How do receptor neurons help people perceive smells?

Receptor neurons in the nostrils first detect an odor by coming into contact with and reacting to gas molecules of the substance. Then the receptor neurons send information about the odor along the olfactory nerve to the brain.

Where do the products go in glycolysis?

first introduction to discuss the pathway of glucose's

What happens in a metabolic pathway?

The product inhibits the activity of the first enzyme

What is the first motor neuron in an autonomic pathway called?

preganglionic neuron

What is the first bioenergetic pathway to become active at the onset of exercise?


What is the first bioenergetic pathway to become active at the onset of excercise?


What is the name of the first metabolic pathway that breaks down glucose?


The first particle to move in a sound wave will eventually bump into the receptor?


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