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The hare is niether, though most animals hunt it, and it has a great discuise of white in the winter and brown in the summer.

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Why is the snowshoe hare endangered in Ohio?

It is consitered endangered.

Does the snowshoe hare migrate?

No, it does not appear that the snowshoe hare migrates. This would be mainly due to having limited habitat options and the fact that they are endangered.

Is the desert hare extinct or endangered?

They really are endangered.

Is a snowshoe hare a rodent?

Yes a snowshoe hare is a rodent

How tall is a snowshoe hare?

I am sorry, but I have no clue how tall this snowshoe hare is.

Is a snowshoe hare a herbivore or carnivore or omnivore?

The snowshoe hare is a herbivore.

How long does a snowshoe hare live?

A snowshoe hare lives from 8-11 years.

How many babies does a snowshoe hare have?

the snowshoe hare has 2 trough 8 babbies

Is a snowshoe hare vertebrata or invertebrate?

A snowshoe hare is a mammal. All mammals are vertebrates.

What are enemies of the snowshoe hare?

The enemies of a snow shoe hare are big creatures like lynx even though they are extinct but are coming back as their population increases.

What symbiotic relationship is where a snowshoe hare gets its food?

the symbiotis relationship is when the snowshoe hare eats a leaf

What are some adaptations for the snowshoe hare?

snowshoe hare white fur helps them blend into its snowy surroundings.

What is a snowshoe hair a herbivoreomnivore or a carnivore?

The Snowshoe Hare is a herbivore.

What is the habitat of the snowshoe hare?

snowshoe hares are found in the northern forests.

What is the snowshoe hare nickname?

The snowshoe hare or rabbit has been given the nickname or alternate name of the varying hare. The hare is brown during the summer and morphs its coat to white for the winter.

Where does a snowshoe hare live?

The snowshoe hare is found in mountains. They live mainly in the Rocky Mountains in the U.S. or in the mountains in Canada.

How does white fur help the snowshoe hare?

Because since the snowshoe hare is a small guy it need camouflage to survive

What does a snowshoe hare look like?

During the winter months, a snowshoe hare has white fur with gray trim. During the summer months, it is brown. It is called the snowshoe hare because of it's large back feet.

Are snowshoe hares endangered?

AnswerI don't think so. No. The snowshoe hare is still a common species. no it is not it is lc (least concern) if they where endangered so will bobcats snow shoe hares are their favorite prey bobcats are also lc Do you have any data to substantiate your comments?

What eats a snowshoe hare?


Is a snowshoe hare a herbivor?


Is the snowshoe hare an omnivore?

no, herbivore.

Does a snowshoe hare hibernate?

no, they dont

Does a snowshoe hare eat lichen?


What is the snowshoe hare adapted to?