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that is a simple answer


one tome was sang by Justin Bieber

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WHAT IS THE First song Justin Bieber did?

The first song Justin Bieber did was, " Baby" and " One Time"

What was Justin Bieber first song?

one timeJustin Bieber First song was one time that came out in 2009 !

What song by Justin Bieber has You Make Me Happy in it?

One Time is the song by Justin Bieber that has "you make me happy" in it.

What year did Justin bieber make the song one time?

Justin Bieber wrote the song himself. He released it as a single in 2009.

What does Justin Bieber think about when he wrote the song one time?

Justin bieber thinks that one time is a song about loving someone. du uh haha

What was the first song Justin Bieber made?

Justin Bieber's first song was "One Time".

What was Justin Bieber fist hit song?

Justin Bieber's first song was One Time

How old was Justin Bieber when he wrote one time?

12! Justin Bieber did not write the song "One Time" -- he sung it. He was 15 years old when the song was released.

How old was Justin Bieber when he made is first song?

Justin Bieber's "WHERE ARE YOU NOW" song was made last year that was his first song made if you are talking about "ONE TIME" Justin Bieber did not make that song. =]14

What was the first song that came out by Justin Bieber?

the first song that ever came out by Justin beiber was the song "one time"

What year did Justin biebers song one time come out?

The song One Time by Justin Bieber came out in July of 2009.

What are some good songs from Justin Bieber?

Justins favorite song is... EMPIRE STATE OF MIND My favorite song from Justin bieber is... Baby/One time My favorite song from Justin Bieber is... I'll jump off of someone's roof and die

What was the 1st song Justin Bieber ever made?

The first song Justin Bieber ever made that became a big hit is called "One Time".

What was Justin Bieber's first song on iTunes called?

The first song that Justin Bieber had on iTunes was One Time.

Who sings one time?

Justin Bieber sings one time. It was the first song on his album My world 1. I LOVE JUSTIN BIEBER <3

What song is better one time by Justin Bieber or replay by Iyaz?

Justin bieber one time coz he is da best. don't forget that.

Who sang one time?

Justin Bieber sang the song "One Time."

What song was Justin Bieber?

A couple of Justin bieber songs are one time, one less lonely girl, Baby, and love me.

How old was Justin Bieber when he got his song out?

13 and his first song was one time

Why is Justin Bieber famous?

Justin Bieber became famous by his song "One Time". He became more famous with his song "Baby". He is also known for his charity work.

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