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I have an incomplete answer for this. I just got a tattoo of a koi fish that I designed (without the spot). I got it done in Japan and the tattoo artist decided to add it. He explained to me that it when a koi fish gets older...something something...and that it was very japanese. I has something to do with the aging or wisdom of a koi fish.

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What does a purple koi fish mean?

What dose a purple and white koi fish meaning

Are koi fish tattoos lucky or unlucky?

Well typically a koi fish is lucky. When you are talking about multiple koi fish, that could mean some trouble. Multiple koi mean heavy of sexual lust (heavy need for sex). We will start with the colors of koi fish. Dark colors typically mean a shady, distant, or vigirous past. Light colors mean tranquilty and calmness.

What does koi swimming in a circle mean?

I have 7 Koi fish in a pond, 1 of the fish constanly stays on the surface and swims in circles. what does this mean

What does koi mean in English?

If you are referring to the 'Koi fish' there will be no translation. It will remain the same.

What does it mean when a Koi fish Blinks at you?

It like that why

What does the color of a koi fish mean?

The color of a koi fish relates to the family that they belong to. The blue koi fish is known as the asagi, the ogon is gold or orange, and bekko are white, yellow, and red.

What does the colors of a koi fish mean?

The colors of a koi fish can let you know what species it is. The colors can also let you know how old the fish may be.

What does a tattoo of a fighter fish mean?

The most common Asian style fish that people get tattoos of are the Koi fish. Koi fish tattoos symbolize good fortune.

What does a blue koi fish tattoo mean?

A koi fish tattoo can have many meanings. It can symbolize bravery, romance, strength, power, luck, and friendship. A blue koi fish symbolizes calmness, and peace.

What does a orange koi mean?

It means the fish is orange.

What does a koi fish mean swimmingup stream?

A Koi fish swimming upstream is a sign of great fertility, as fish need to swim upstream to spawn. Hope this helps.

Tattoos that symbolise endurance?

Koi fish Koi fish

Is pond fish omnivoreherbivore or carnivore?

Assuming by pond fish you mean "koi", they are omnivorous.

In which country does the koi fish live?

Koi fish can live in almost any country. Koi are thought to be originally from Japan. Many people have outdoor fish ponds in which Koi are the dominant fish.

What are the bumps on a koi fish head?

Koi do not specifically have "bumps" on their heads that I am aware of. Please describe these bumps. if its the bumps im thinking of its like a fore head they have like a little frown

What do the colors on a koi fish symbolize?

What do the colors on a koi fish symbolize

What does it mean when a koi fish tattoo is to the side?

it means you wasted your money on getting a drawing of a fish

What is the coi fish tattoo mean?

the koi stands for power, thanks

Can koi fish breed with goldfish?

if you mean "breed" not "bread" then yes they can

Does koi fish mean gay?

No it means good luck on your struggles

What is a Japanese koi?

a fish, a koi carp

What do the colors of koi fish symbolize?

The black koi fish represents males, the sun, and evil. White koi fish represent females, the moon, and good.

Why koi fish is a fish?

because it is fish

Does it mean anything when koi fish is swimming down and jumping out of the water?

Koi often jump and break the surface of the water when they are spawning.

What does the koi fish stand for?

Check out the link below The koi fish stands for ambition.

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