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The Browning. No Contest there.


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There is the Luger pistol, the M1911 pistol (I think), the Karabiner rifle, the M1 Garand rifle, the STG44 LMG (light machine gun), the BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle) LMG, the M1 Bazooka, the Thompson machine gun, the MP40 machine gun, the Gewer sniper rifle, and the Springfield sinper rifle.

British: Lee-Enfield Bolt-Action rifle, Sten Sub-Machine Gun, Bren Light Machine gun, Vickers .303 Machine gun. American: M1 Garand Semi-automatic rifle, M1903 Springfield Bolt-action Rifle, Thompson Sub-Machine Gun, BAR (Browning Automatic Rifle), M1897 Trenchgun shotgun, M1919 .30 Caliber Light Machine gun, .50 Caliber M2 Browning Heavy Machine Gun, Bazooka. German: Karabiner 98K Bolt-action rifle, Gehrwehr 43 Semi-Automatic rifle, STG44 Assault rifle, FG42 Battle rifle, MP40 Sub-Machine gun, MG34 Medium Machine gun, MG42 Medium Machine Gun, Panzershreck. (I may have missed a few. Sorry.)

It depends on which rifle. <><><> Agree with above. There is no one "assault rifle", and no one weight. The German StG44 weighed 10.2 lbs, the M16 weighs 7.1 lbs.

= AK47 =The AK-47 is best described as a hybrid of previous rifle technology innovations: the double locking lugs and unlocking raceway of the M1 Carbine the trigger and safety mechanism of the John Browning designed Remington Model 8 rifle --and the gas system, layout, and intermediate cartridge of the StG44.A clip-fed, gas-operated assault rifle of Soviet design having a caliber of 7.62 millimeters and used throughout the world by armed forces and paramilitary organizations.An automatic rifle, originally of Russian manufacture, that is one of the most widely used assault weapons in the world today. It is reliable under adverse conditions, inexpensive to manufacture, and reasonably accurate.

Mp-40 == StG44 or MP44 Assault Rifle --- Okay, this may be a little large to be called a sub-machine gun. Sturmgewehr 44 (StG44) was an assault rifle and was the first of its kind to see major deployment. It is also known by the designations Maschinenpistole 43, Maschinenpistole 44 (MP43 and MP44, respectively) which denotes earlier versions of the same weapon. This weapon was built along the lines of the Russian KA-47 (AK-47) that became the most popular automatic weapon of the 20th Century. Link with Photo:

It was first introduced to the Wehrmacht in October of 1943.

The atomic bomb was used during WW2.America:Thompson SMGBrowning automatic rifleM1 garandM1 & M1a1 CarbineM3 "grease gun" smgcolt 1911 .45 pistol.30 cal machine guns1903 Springfield, sniperGermany:mp38mp40mp44/stg44fg42mg42mg34k98kluger pistolWalther p38 pistilpanzerschrekpanzerfaustJapan:arisaka rifleSoviet Russia:Various Mosin nagant types, M44 etc, also in sniper formppshpps42there is a lot more but this is all i could think of off the top of my head.I'm just letting you know about there major weaponsAmericans:pistol-colt m1911 pistolsub-machine gun-m1928a1 Thompson and m1a1 Thompsonmachine gun-m2 browningrifle-m1 garandsniper-springfieldcarbine rifle- m1Germans:pistol-lugerrifle-98kmachine gun-mg42sub machine gun-mp40machine gun pistol-c96sniper-ptrs

stg44, mp40, panzershreck, karabiner,

Stermgewehr. Also known as Mp44 and Stg-44. Browning 1919 No, no, no. The Sturmgewehr (aka Mp43 or Stg44) was the first assault rifle used in WW2. The Browning M1919 was not made until WW1 ended. Most of the machine guns used in WW1 were based on the Maxim design. They were heavy and cooled by water, but they would fire indefinitely as long as ammo and water were available. The Lewis machine gun used by the British was lighter and cooled by air. After WW1, water-cooled machine began to fade away slowly. The Browning M1919 was basically the same machine gun used in WW1 but converted to air cooling instead of water.

Mikhail Timofeevich Kalashnikov was inspired by his experiences in the battles of WWII. Being a soldier and seeing the fighting firsthand gave him a pretty good idea of what was needed. He worked out the basic design of the rifle while recovering in a hospital after being wounded. In terms of design details the concept and the ergonomics may have been influenced by the German StG44 rifle. However, the AK internal workings are nothing like the Sturmgewehr. Some of the technical solutions employed are somewhat close to designs of John M. Browning and John C. Garand, but far from being direct copies.

Bolt action- kar98k sum machine guns -mp 40 and other mp's in this series M.Gs- mg42 mg44 assault rifle stg44 the first assault rifle ever in English it would be called "the assault rifle 44" pistols Mauser broom handle -Luger -rugger launchers penzerska sorry if i spelled it wrong simi auto the Grewer and i believe Germany had a rocket propelled grenade in like 99% sure

From the research I've done, only a few thousand survived the Second World War. The StG44 was then used by the Volkspolizei (German; lit "People's Police") up until 1960. Only a handful of operational models remain in the world today.

No. Development of what would become the AK-47 was under way, but the rifle would not be fielded until 1947 - too late to see service in WWII. The first assault rifles were fielded by the Germans, those being the FG-42 and StG44/MP43.

The StG-44 used a 30-round detachable box clip. The rounds were 7.92mm.

no, it was made for the Russian Army, it was based off the stg44 that was a German gun.

they created the mg42, mp40, fg42, stg44, panzershrick, and the first bslistic missle.

When you refer to "guns" do you mean weapons used by the infantrymen of the belligerents? If so, the American's used the M1 Garand Semi-Automatic Rifle, while the German's used the Kar 98K Bolt Action Rifle.AnswerIn 1944 Germans introduced the Sturmgewehr 44 (StG44) . The StG44 was the world's first truly effective assault rifle and if the war had continued another year, the StG44 would have replaced every other rifle including the Karabiner 98k, MP38 and MP40. After the war the legacy of the StG44 resulted in the outright replacement of almost every infantry gun in the western world, serving as the direct inspiration for the Russian AK47, the most prolific gun in the world, and the indirect inspiration for practically everything else. AnswerNazi GermanyKarabiner98k- It was a bolt action rifle, with a internal magazine. It could be fed manually round by round, or via a 5-round stripper clip. It was also the main sniper rifle used by the nazi soldiers. Fired a 8mm mauser round.Machinepistole40- This was a fully-automatic submachine gun. It fires a 9mm pistol round, fed through a magazine. It could be shot with a folding stock out or in.Sturmgewehr44-A complex assault rifle. It was developed in 1944 and had limited use for being used towards the end of the war. Its existence was kept secret from Adolf Hitler. It fired a 7.92 x .33 kurz ammunition.MachineGewehr42- The mg-42 was the support gun used by nazi germany. It could be loaded via a chain, or drum mag. It fired the same round as the Karabiner98kurz a 8mm mauser cartridge.Gewehr43- This semi-automatic rifle fired 8mm mauser ammunition it was loaded through a magazine that went into the bottom of the reciever. It could also be used as a sniper rifle via a scope mounted on-top of the reciever.United States of AmericaSpringfield Model 1903- It was the main bolt action rifle used during WWI by the U.S, and was also a common sniper rifle used by US forces during WWII. It fired a .30-06 cartridge.M1 Garand- Patton called the M1 Garand "the gun that won the war." It was loaded via an 8-round clip, a bit of steel that was inserted into a slot in the top of the rifle's receiver. The clip was designed so that thumb pressure would allow eight rounds to be "stripped" into the rifle's magazine at once. Upon firing the last round in the magazine, the Garand ejected the stripper clip, and the "ping" sound of the clip being ejected became the bane of US servicemen everywhere. The Germans especially learned to listen for that sound, knowing that it meant that the GI behind it was reloading -- and temporarily defenseless. GIs countered by carrying used stripper clips and tossing them randomly to fool the enemy. The Garand could be adapted as a sniper rifle with a scope mount on the left side of the rifle. It fired a .30-06 cartridge.Thompson Submachine gun- The "Tommy" gun had been in Army service for years before WWII. Designated M1A1, the Thompson fired a .45 caliber bullet at near-sonic velocity -- it used the exact same .45 ACP round that fed the legendary Colt M1911 autoloading pistol. Thompsons were expensive and difficult to manufacture and maintain. Thompsons were used sparingly early in the war; they were later replaced by the M3 "Grease Gun," which utilized the same weak cartridge as the M1 Carbine. Thompsons were supplied to the British in massive quantities, even before the US entered the war.M1 Carbine- The M1 carbine was used by U.S paratroopers and infantrymen for the U.S. It fired a short .30 caliber round fed by a box magazine. The Carbine was widely issued to junior officers and staff personnel. The .30 Carbine round has since been adapted to use in handguns due to its small size and the availability of large quantities of surplus brass casings.Browning m1919- This was the support gun used by the United States. It fired a 30-06 round, and was belt fed, it could be carried/or set on a tripod.

Yes. Nearly 450,000 of the weapons were issued to German Soldiers from October 1943 - April 1945.

for guns: basic weapons were mp40, gewher 43, kar98k, stg44, mg42, fg42, some flamethrowers, panzerschreck rocket launchers

The actual weapons used by the Nazis on foot(meaning their actual guns) were the Mauser Kar 98k,the Maschinepistole 40(MP40) "Schmeisser" SMG,the Gerwher 43 or G43,and the Sturm Gerwher 44(or STG44) assault rifle,also known as the MP44. The Germans created the first assault rifle(mentioned above as the STG44) and the first actual jets and ballistic missiles. The first jet was the Messerschmidt Me262 "Swable"(or Swallow). The first ballistic missile was known as the V-2 rocket. Its predecessor was the V-1 rocket. The actual fighter planes used were the Messerschmidt bf 109 fighter,the Focke-Wulfe fw 190,and later on the Me262 at the end of the war. The main bomber was the Junkers ju 87 "Stuka" dive bomber,and the Junkers ju 88 as the primary high-altitude bomber. The Germans had an array of different Panzers so i can't name those in this answer.

That depends on what you mean by guns? The Chinese (who where the first to discover gunpowder) first used it to propell a projectile around about 1232. These were just very basic tubes similar to a modern rocket. Sometime in the 1400s matchlock guns were first used but the precussion cap wasn't invented until 1825. I belive the first automatic rifle was invented around 1903 by Winchester. It wasn't until 1944 that the Germans developed the worlds first assault rifle (the STG44 or MP44).Bear in mind that most of the dates are approximates.Guns where first invented in the late 1300's.It was very primitive, being only a steel pipe with a small hole where the gunner stuk a glowing hot stick ignighting the powder and the presure forcing the lead ball out of the barrel.the first gun made was a 9mm hand gun.Impossible to answer given the information supplied. Impossible to answer given the information supplied.

Yes, most certainly, on the Eastern Front. The German soldiers loved the weapon and could not get enough. 426000 were produced, mostly of the production variant StG44 (MP44 was an earlier designation).

Battle rifles fire full power cartridges, and are capable of engagements of long distances. Examples include the M1 Garand, FN49, FN FAL, and G3. Assault rifles are designed around intermediate cartridges. They're intended to fulfill roles of battle rifles, light carbines, and submachineguns, but aren't intended so much to fill all the same niches. They're typically designed for engagements of 300 metres or less (though usually have further reaching range capabilities). Examples include the StG44/MP43, AK family of rifles, M16 and variants, FN FNC, AUG, etc.

Hitler was obsessed with small arms. Many weapons developed were ones like the MP40 and Walther P38. Many big guns were used such as the MG42, STG44, and the KAR98k.

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