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the sun is a star

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no s**t sherlock

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What is something that revolves around something else?

A satellite revolves around a planet. Planets revolve around a sun.

What is Pluto really a piece of?

Pluto is a dwarf planet that orbits the Sun. It is not known to be a piece of something else.

What is the difference between a planet and a natural satellite?

A planet is more specific. It's a body that orbits the sun and is larger than anything else in that orbit. A natural sattellite is anything that orbits something else which is not manmade

How does the temperature of planet vary with distance from the sun?

The temperature of a planet varies with the distance from the sun because the sun is hot and the closer something is to the sun, the hotter the object gets. The further away the planet from the sun, the colder the planet.

Do all planets orbit the sun?

yes all planets must orbit the sun or else it would burn a planet or freeze a planet

What third planet from the sun people have walked on?

It's just the Earth. We are on the third planet from the Sun. No people have been anywhere else except the Moon.

Why isn't earths moon a planet?

It is not large enough and does not orbit the Sun, it orbits Earth. A planet orbits around the sun. A moon orbits around a planet. "To be classified as a planet, an object has to go around the Sun, and if it also goes around something else, it must be significantly larger than that secondary object. When, as in the case of the Moon, the other object (the Earth) is much larger, the object is considered a satellite of the larger object, not a planet."

What a good definition for revolve?

Something that circles something else, such as a moon revolving around a planet. Also, something that is dependant upon something else. Such as--> "Her life revolves around her baby."

What does it mean to orbit or circle around something in space?

Its means that if there is a planet, for example: Earth, The Earth is surrounded by the its actually means that a planet is surrounded by something else/A Planet

Does the bottle brush need sun?

look on something else.

Why do the planets and their moons orbit the sun in your solar system?

Well, the gravity of the sun pulles the planets in. But you would probably think that the planets woukd just hit the sun. That is not true becuae the gravity of the planet keeps it away from the sun. But it can't leave the sun's gravitational pull, so it stays in orbit. If a planet or something else gets too close, it is ripped apart.

A planet or moon does when they move in a circular pathway around something else?

An orbit.

What planet is from the sun?

There is no planet from the sun.

What planet has a surface temperature of 10000 degrees Fahrenheit?

The sun is about 10,000 degrees fahrenheit nothing else is that hot only the sun is.

Which is the planet after sun?

The sun is not a planet but if you mean what is the planet closest to the sun that would be mercury

What is the definition for period of revolution?

The definition for period of revolution is the time it takes for something to moving around something else to make one complete ciruit. An example can be the amount of time it takes for a planet to orbit the Sun. I hope that helped.

The nearest planet to the sun?

Mercury (planet) is the nearest planet to the Sun.Planet Mercury is in orbit nearest the Sun.

What is the moon a planet or something?

The moon is a moon, also known as a natural satellite. It is not considered a planet as it orbits a planet (Earth) rather than the sun.

Is the sun also planet?

No, the Sun is not a planet.

Is your planet located from planet from the Sun?

the sun

How come the sun is the biggest planet?

The sun is not the biggest planet. the sun is not even a planet! its a star.

What is the hottest planet including the sun?

The sun is not a planet, its a star but the hottest planet is venus but if the sun was a planet ,it would be the hottest.

What is the definition of the Latin word Stella?

Star or occasionally something else astronomical, such as planet.

What will happan when somethinggets to colse to the black hole?

Basically, the same thing can happen as if something gets too close to the Sun, or to a planet: it can fall into the black hole (or Sun, or planet).

What planet is the first planet from the sun?

Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun.