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Is the sun bad for us?

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yes it can cause cancer

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Is the sun good for us?

The sun is good and bad for us. In many ways it is good for us as it helps with our cardiovascular system and to strengthen our bones. But in ways it is bad as it can cause things like skin cancer ect.

Is the sun bad for your hair?

Sun is not bad for hair,sun can lighten hair,but is not bad for it.

If the sun is so bad for us why does your planet orbit the sun?

Without the sun we would have no life forms on earth as the sun provides all the energy o the planet

Is the sun good or bad for us?

The Sun is good because it is the source of all our heat and energy. it also gives us a good resource of vitimin d The sun also Emmit's UV radiation which can be harmful

How does the sun harm us?

the sunn cann harmm us byy giiviinqq uss reall bad skiin damage

How does bad weather effect us?

The effect that we will get is mostly skin cancer from the sun burn sun burn you well get it from the sun when its sunny day and you dint put sun's cream

How is the sun bad for us?

If you stay in the sun to long you could develop skin cancer and die. Also, it's good for us without it we would die and the earth we be a totally different planet.

What does the sun do to us?

The sun keeps us in placeThe sun keeps with the tidesThe sun keeps us warmThe sun causes the weatherThe sun gives us energy

What are some bad things that the sun gives for us?

Skin Cancer, Crows Feet And Lines In Your Face.

What is bad about the holes in the ozone?

The Ozone layer protects us from the sun. If we didn't have the Ozone layer, our Earth would burn up as we would be fully exposed to the sun.

How does wearing sun glasses help us in the sun?

it protect us from sun. it helps us to not get a sun in our face so it can not get burned

What is the bad things about the sun?

one thing is bad in the sun is Heart attack .......... Face the sun .... what do you feeling when the sun see at least 1mins ^_^...... that all the answer....... i means to say to you the answer are in you

Bad things about being in the sun?

the bad things of being in the sun is that you canget skin cancer and the sun get blind you but if you dont have that much sun its ok but to much can get you ill

Is it bad to pop sun blisters?

yes it is bad.

Would it be a good thing if all the ozone dissaperd?

No, it would be bad. The ozone protects us from the UV rays of the sun.

How does the sun warm us?

because the sun warms us

What is bad about the sun?

its hot

How dangerous is the sun?


Is the internet bad for us?

internet is not bad for us it is bad when we are misusing it .

Does the sun give us our gravity?

the sun does not give us our gravity.

What part of the sun is bad for your eyes?

the whole sun is bad for your eyes if u look at it for a long or short period of time

Is the sun bad for the earth?

Without the Sun, there would be no life on Earth.

What can happen if you are in the sun too long?

possibly sun poisoning and a really bad sun burn

Why does the sun smell bad?

The actual smell of the sun is unknown. The reason some animals smell bad after being out in the sun could be a "stink" gland that is being activated by the sun. The reason some clothing or materials could stink after being in the sun could be whatever is on the material could smell bad when dried.

What is so special about the sun?

The sun is special because it keeps us alive if it wasn't for the sun we wouldn't survive.The sun helps us grow food and helps us with everything

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