Is the three gorges dam sustainable?

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Well, there are many reasons as to why the Three Gorges Dam is and is not sustainable.
  • Will hold up against floods- protecting precious agricultural land and peoples lives.
  • Will protect the Yangtze river from landslides-stops sediment from blocking up the rivers path.

Not sustainable:
  • Will not hold out against typhoons (tornados or hurricanes in America)-they will just rip it up.
  • Will not hold out against huge floods-giant floods will go over the top of the dam-letting water through and causing flooding on the land and increase water levels.
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Who builds the Three Gorges Dam?

The Three Gorges Dam is a hydroelectric dam that spans the YangtzeRiver in China. An American designer, John L. Savage, surveyed thearea of Hubei and drew up a dam proposal fo

What is good about the three gorges dam?

The dam will produce as much energy as 15 nuclear power stations. This energy is vital to ease China's addiction to coal, which has devastating effects for the entire country

How was the Three Gorges Dam built?

The Three Gorges Dam was built by constructing the largest concretedam in history. It is at the confluence of three rivers and willeventually flood millions of acres of land,

What kind of dam is the Three Gorges Dam?

It is a HEP (Hydro-Electric Power) dam, which means that there are turbines which are powered by the force of the water coming through pipes in the dam. It was also built so t