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Is the timing belt and serpentine belt in a 2000 Isuzu Trooper the same thing?


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No. The timing belt is under the timing belt cover and drives the water pump, oil pump, and cams from the crankshaft and is necessary for operation of the engine. The serpentine belt is on the outside and drives the alternator, power steering, and air conditioner.


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just behind the wheel well of the right front tire its a silver color looking thing

No , the serpentine belt is on the outside of the engine , it is used for the engine to " drive " the accessories such as the air conditioning compressor etc. The timing belt is under the timing belt cover on the engine

It's probably the starter. Same thing happened to me (Isuzu Trooper) and I had to get it towed to a repair shop : (.

ya!! just make sure the thing is in 2wd, lash the driver wheel and tow away...

My Trooper did the same thing and I replaced the fluid and filter and added a separate trans fluid cooler and that fixed the problem.

No , the 4.6 liter V8 engine in a 2001 Ford Crown Victoria has ( 2 ) timing chains ( 1 chain to each cylinder head ) and the serpentine belt drives the engine accessories at the front of the engine

No. The only thing that can work is the airbags until the cap discharges. unless, of course, something else is powering the electrical system.

No, the cam belt drives the cam and possibly the water pump. It is concealed under a shield and is not visible. The serpentine belt drives the alternator, P/S pump, & the A/C and is visible.

I currently have the same thing and it is a defective battery (the one on the nearside). After a couple of miles it had charged up enough for the lights to go out but I will be buying a new battery tomorrow.

No, a timing belt is a different belt than a serpentine belt. A timing belt or chain is used to ensure everything in the engine happens in the proper sequence or time relative to each other. A serpentine belt is a single belt used to provide mechanical power to a variety of engine parts outside the main block, including the oil and water pumps, the alternator, the power steering pump, and others; the exact list depends on the make & model of the car. The serpentine belt is the rubber belt on the outside which runs your water pump, air conditioner, fan if its hooked up that way. The timing belt is actually a chain that times the valves to allow fuel in and exhaust out at the correct timing. The serpentine belt drives the various accessories on your car (alternator, power steering, air conditioning, water pump). This should be changed periodically (average recommended replacement is every 4 - 5 years / 50,000 miles.

I had a similar problem on my 91 Trooper where the engine just died on the highway and it wouldn't restart but it would pop and backfire sometimes.The rotor in the distributor is held by a screw and it fell out so the distributor shaft was spinning but not allowing it to fire on any cylinders except very randomly.It was the last thing I thought of and didn't learn this till I had the truck home.Can't hurt to check and should only take you a minute or two.AnswerSame thing happened to me with my 1993 Trooper, i had the timing chain replaced because it was extremely corroded and it fired right up. hope it helps.

You'll have to remove the timing cover which means the motor mount on that side has to come off and the engine weight supported by a block under the pan of the engine. The serpentine belt has to come off first. Then the timing cover. Then the crankshaft pulley. Then the timing belt has to come off. Last thing to do is take the tensioner pulley off last. The new pulley and a new belt will have to have the timing of the valves set correctly. This is beyond the scope of a DIYer. Get a mechanic to do this for you. If the valve timing isn't perfect, the engine will not have any power.

Reliable, trustworthy, puts in the effort. This is usually a good thing.

My 92 Trooper did the same thing today. It's the third time it has done it in three weeks. I was told it is the MAP sensor. The part is $48 to $55 at a local parts store. The garage wants $186(2 hrs labor) + Parts + 8.9% sales tax. I think it's time to look in my DIY Isuzu book and see if I can change it myself.

Yes , cam belt and timing belt mean the same thing

Yes , a cam belt and a timing belt are the same thing

You will need to pull out the instrument cluster and swap a screw on the back of the speedo unti. Best thing is to totally remove the mechanism on the back of the speedo which is only there for the cam belt light and throw it away.

There is no such thing as a timing gauge on a car. Timing is set with a tool called a timing light and a mechanic can do that for you and doesn't cost much money.

A belt. Possibly your serpentine, maybe your fan belt.. or like many cars it may all be the same thing.. most cars have one belt now. Hopefully not your timing belt if you have one.. may want to check that. If it has a timing belt and an interference engine, if that belt snaps, your whole engine will be ruined.

Sorry, Nouns do not describe. A noun is a person place or thing (or idea).

There is no suck thing as a timing sensor. The timing marks for a escort are not on the cams you must use a straight edge.

on a1990 Isuzu 2.6 and 2.3 I thing you mean the main bearing caps for the crankshaft 72.3 (+ or -) 7.2 lb-ft

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