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Even though black holes suck through parts of the universe, the universe is inevitably big, and growing so as the universe is being sucked into another dimension by black holes, it is also expanding.

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If the sun goes to the center of the milky way in 2012 because of the galactic alignment will it be consumed by a black hole?

Let's take these fears slowly, one at a time.First, what is a "galactic alignment" ? ? ?

Where is galactic HQ in Pokemon Black?

Team galactic isn't in Pokemon black!

What do black holes orbit?

Simplest answer is that black holes can orbit other black holes. However the concepts of orbital motions within a galactic cluster suggest that galaxies, and by virtue of their presence - black holes, orbit within the confines of their local galactic cluster (i.e. see reference on great attractor). Then there is the notion of orbiting superclusters. However within our observable universe, there is nothing that can be definitely stated for orbits about that which we can not detect. Still for all the motion in the universe, there is no physical center for the universe for which these orbits might be ordered. Rather such orbital considerations are random, being dependent on gravitational attraction, but consistent with the cosmological principle.

When a planet is being consumed by a black hole does dirt and debris actually suck off surface?

The planet is ripped to shreds and completely vaporizes before being sucked in, it has no surface when it is being consumed.

Is a black hole being made?

Despite what you may have heard, the answer is no. We can't make artificial black holes, but there probably is a black hole being created somewhere in the universe.

When will a black hole hit your universe?

There are already black holes within the universe

What would happen to a black hole got bigger and it was in the centre of the galaxy?

Pretty conclusive evidence has come to light that there is a black hole in the center of our galaxy, and likely other black holes in most (if not all) galaxies. The mass (or size) qualifies this type of black hole to be called "supermassive" and such black holes are thought to be the engines powering active galactic nuclei or quasars, the most luminous and distant objects known in the universe. The Milky Way's central black hole is, in fact, gradually increasing in size in proportion to the mass that falls into it. Currently it's about the size of Uranus's orbit, but does not pose a threat to us at that size; in fact there is insufficient mass in the entire galaxy to enlarge it sufficiently such that the sun would be consumed by it - if all our galactic mass except the sun fell into it, it would only be about a fifth of a light year radius, but the galactic center is about 27,000 light years distant.

Where is looker after you have founde the sevin sages in Pokemon black?

you have to beat the galactic warehouse, and when/if you beat it you then go into the galactic HQ by entering from the galactic warehouse, and then Looker will come open the door.

What is a galactic black hole?

That refers to an extremely massive black hole, which resides at the center of most galaxies. A galactic black hole (or "supermassive black hole") typically has a mass of several millions, or even billions, of times the mass of our Sun.

Is the universe expanding or is the milky way being drawn into a black hole and how would one tell the difference?

The universe is expanding but I'm not too sure about the second part. The obvious thing is that a black hole looks like a big black hole.

Could your universe become a black hole?

No, a black hole is just one object in our universe. We may be inside a black hole or on the other end of one, but our universe can't become a black hole.

What does the universe comprise of?

the universe is 4% atoms 75% black energy and 21% black matter

Does the universe have a black hole?

The universe likely contains millions upon millions of black holes.

How dynamic are black holes?

Not quite sure what you mean, but black holes are among the brightest objects in the Universe, and they seem to play an important role in the evolution of a galaxy. For some more interesting information, you may want to read the Wikipedia or some other source about:Black holeSupermassive black holeQuasarActive galactic nucleus

How did starlin die?

Starlin died by being consumed by a black hole in the Delta Quadrant. While traveling throughout the different quadrants in our galaxy, Starlin came across a strange entity, that in fact was a black hole in disguise. Starlin, lacking any great mental capacity, fell for the black hole's trap and entered unknowingly. Hence, the great and late Starlin died via being consumed by a black hole in May 1951.

Can a black hole suck in the universe?

Unlikely. The universe is a very big place, even next to the largest black holes we know. For a black hole to suck in the entire Universe, it would need to be nearly as massive as the universe itself. There is no way that such a black hole could form.

Is there any chance of life in a black hole?

stellar black holes, no none at allhawking black holes, no none at allsuper massive black holes at galactic centers, no none at alluniversal black holes, yes we are an example, if the entire universe is indeed inside an ultra massive black hole as would be suggested by the combination of big bang theory and black hole theory

Why is the universe black?

The universe is not black. The universe as a whole is microwave, at a cavity radiation temperature of about 3 K. The space between stars just looks black because you can't see microwave.

Why cannot you believe that a black hole can be the centre of the universe?

Perhaps you are confusing Universe with galaxy. Most galaxies have a black hole in their center. The Universe has no such thing as a center.

Why can't you see black hole?

because the universe we live in is pitch black and black holes are also pitch black so it would be hard to see them since black holes and the universe are black

Is there exists any perfect black bodies in the universe?

There are no perfect black bodies on the universe. But there are a lot of them which can be approximated (with good precision) by the black body description.

How is a universe createed?

Studys show that every universe has a black hole.When a black hole is feeding its suckinglots of matirials into it butwhen its not feedingthe matirials creat a universe.

Why does Sagittarius A indicate that a black hole is at the center of the universe?

Sorry, the universe does not have one center. According to the usual interpretation of the Big Bang theory, any and all points in the universe can equally be considered centers of the universe.Perhaps you meant to ask "Why does Sagittarius A indicate that a black hole is at the center of the Milky Way Galaxy?" instead. Galaxies do have distinct centers, all spiral galaxies are now believed to have a supermassive black hole at their centers, and our galaxy: the Milky Way is a spiral galaxy. The observations of the object called Sagittarius A match what would be expected of a supermassive black hole and are in the right galactic direction to place it at the center of the Milky Way galaxy.

Does this universe exist within a black hole?

Most scientists don't think so. The reason the question isn't patently ludicrous is that a) physics doesn't really say much about what's inside the event horizon of a black hole, and b) the radius of the event horizon scales directly with mass for black holes. So the larger a black hole is, the lower its average density is. Galactic-mass black holes can have surprisingly low densities (again: on average; at the singularity, density is infinite). It turns out that if you plug a reasonable guess for the mass of the observable universe into the equation for the Schwarzhild radius of a black hole, you get a radius of ... approximately the radius of the observable universe. Within a couple of orders of magnitude, anyway (and in cosmology, that's considered pretty close). So it's not as silly a question as it might appear at first. However, the reason we don't think the universe is inside a black hole is that a) the universe is expanding, which is hard to reconcile with it being inside a black hole, and b) it doesn't look like the universe has enough mass to halt the expansion (in fact, the expansion appears to be accelerating). There are a few, however, who do think it's possible. For some reason adding related links is not working, but do a Google search for "national geographic universe black hole" and you should find a recent (Feb 2014) article about it.

First black miss universe?

The first black Miss Universe was Miss Trinadad Tabago 1977 Janelle Commission.

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