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Is the withdrawl method safe?

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Using any time of Birth Control (pill, condoms, ring. etc) can still have risks. Using no form of birth control is even more of a risk. unprotected sex is NOT safe sex, so therefore it is not safe. If you really want to be safe, then abstain from sex. But if you don't want to then use birth control at your own risk. Take into consideration the possibility of pre-ejaculation.

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Withdrawl method work?


What are examples of natural contraceptive?

Abstinence. Withdrawl Method.

What are chances of being pregnant using withdrawal method?

The percentage is very high in the withdrawl method, you could get pregnant soon.

What are the Psychological effect of using withdrawal method for women?

As the withdrawl method is the most risky method, with a single sperm getting in the women vagina it worries the women greatly.

How safe is pull out method?

NOT safe at all!

How do you get off suboxone and not go through withdrawl?

You must slowly taper your dose down 2mg at a safe comfortable rate.

What are the odds of getting pregnant on the withdrawal method and incorrectly taken birth control?

The risk is very high indeed , as one sperm if it gets in the vagina in the withdrawl method is enough to make the women pregnant.

Is it possible for a male to give off a drop of sperm during intercourse without even knowing it?

Yes it is, and this is why the 'withdrawl method' does not work. You have pre sperm.

What are the odds of getting pregnant if using the withdrawal method for nearly 3 years now pregnancy hasn't happened yet-boyfriend allergic to lube even in condoms-will it happen?

The withdrawl method like many others is not fail safe. You have been lucky so far but this is against the odds. I recommend you take the pill if your boyfriend has an allergy to condoms.

Is nexplanon safe?

Nexplanon is safe. It is one of the most effective reversible contraceptive method.

Likelyhood of getting pregnant using no contraceptive?

I believe that it is pretty high if he is cumming inside you or using the withdrawl method your risk always goes up with the use of no contraceptive

Is withdrawal a safe method of family planning?


Is the withdrawal method safe after 14 days after menstruation?


Birth control patch or rhythm method?

The 'rhythm method' is not safe sex or effective as a birth control.

Is it safe to use the pull out method and enter the vagina after pulling out?


A method of touching the base without being tagged out?


What contraceptive method is safe while breastfeeding?

sucking a boob

How do you withdrawl money from an old 401 k?

Type your answer here... how do i withdrawl my cash from the 401 k plan as soon as possible

What are the release dates for Withdrawl - 2003?

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Is the withdrawal safe to the health of a women?

Withdrawl as in from a man? Because if that no it may not be the best solution unless a relationship is being disturbed and a break is needed. And if its in sex terms no because it is not efficiant.

How effective is withdrawl?

NOT effective at all!

Can you die from alchohol withdrawl?


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Is Yaz birth control a safe contraception method?

As safe as any birth control pill 99.9% if taken as instructed.