Withdrawal and Rhythm Methods

Withdrawal and rhythm methods are birth-control techniques. Withdrawal method, or pull-out method, is the withdrawal of the penis from the woman’s vagina prior to ejaculation, while rhythm method is based on calendar calculations of woman’s previous menstrual cycle.

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Withdrawal and Rhythm Methods

How effective is Depo-Provera and withdrawal?

If you are on the shot you are protected against pregnancy. No birth control can protect you 100%. Depo is one of the most effective means of avoiding pregnancy (other than not having sex) and alone is about 99.7% effective. While withdrawal on its own is not a very effective method, it does reduce the risk of pregnancy somewhat (it's even more effective than the diaphragm). Using Depo Provera along with pulling out will further reduce the risk of pregnancy.

It's debated on whether or not pre-cum does have sperm in it. It is generally agreed that pre-cum does have sperm if the male partner has ejaculated immediately before or during vagina intercourse and hasn't had a chance to clean up or urinate before continuing again. There is always a possibility that pre-cum may have sperm in it anyhow, but again, this is debatable.

With pre-cum, there is always a possibility of pregnancy, but it is very unlikely that you'll become pregnant from it because of the protection of the Depo Provera and the small possibility that the pre-cum contains sperm.

If you're worried about pregnancy, double up on your protection with a condom (male or female), a female sponge, or spermicide. These aren't your only options for doubling your protection, but are commonly used.

If you are up to date on your depo shot and since precum doesn't generally contain any sperm you should be safe.

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Withdrawal and Rhythm Methods
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Is Loestrin 1-20 an effective method of birth control even though it is such a low dose?

Effectiveness of Loestrin 1-20All birth control pills are effective, but not all women can take the same pill. For some women certain pills don't work or are too strong. If you are worried, talk to the doctor that gave them to you and use back up in the meantime.

The only difference between low doses and higher is that with lower doses you have a greater chance of getting breakthrough bleeding which is bleeding between periods.

Also, the dosage can be a problem is if you switch from a high dose to a lower one, then you can get pregnant.

From a loestrin user-- I take loestrin and its very good. I advise low dosage. If ur doctor subscribes it to yu then yu should trust ur doc. At 1st its a lil nausiating but after a month or 2 that goes away.. and yes its normal to spot betwen ur period.. it should be very light.

*personal experience* i took that pill and i never got pregnant, until after i stopped taking it, so if u dont want to get pregnant then dont stop lol

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Withdrawal and Rhythm Methods

Is the withdrawal method an effective form of birth control?

No, because before ejaculation, pre-ejaculate is released and this contains sperm, so it can get you pregnant. It only takes one sperm to get pregnant.

No even though Pre ejaculate is made in the mans body containing no sperm it does at times get contaminated with sperm from previous ejaculations, however the greatest risk is posed by premature ejaculation that are not even noticed by the male prior to the main ejaculation that comes with orgasm.

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What are the odds of getting pregnant if you are on birth control and use the withdrawal method?

Birth control for everybody is different.

But as long as you are taking birth control correctly ( I'm talking about pill's taken at the same time everyday , without missing any) then yes you should be protected.

Be aware that certain antibiotics can lessen the effectiveness of birth control pills. To be safe, if you're taking antibiotics, use a condom as well.

Although if you are using the withdrawal method , this does not stop STD's or any other infections.

On the pill, 4 in every 100 women will becaome pregnant within a year, and that is still if you are taking it correctly; Everyday at the same time. If you are inconsistant--missing days, taking them late, or even taking antibiotics that may lower the effectiveness, etc, then your chances of getting pregnant are about 50/50 depending on your body. You either will, or you won't.

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Is there a birth control method for guys to use?

Condoms and vasectomies are the only reliable types of birth control for men. Any other types of birth control are for women. The withdrawal method is another type for men but is known to be one of the most unreliable when used over many encounters. There is a lot of research money going into a male contraceptive, and one will most likely be found in the next five years. Previous attempts have resulted in drugs that had side effects that reduced a man's desire and were not well received. One promising new method involves stopping the sperm from developing the tail that helps them swim. Also, there is a type of vasectomy that is designed to be reverseable.

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Is the use of a condom or the withdrawal method with the pill more effective than the pill by itself?

Yes. The pill is about 97% effective with typical use, 99% effective with perfect use (hint: read the directions and follow them). That leaves a 3% chance with typical use and a 1% chance with perfect use of getting pregnant.

With typical use, condoms are about 82-90% effective (10-18% of couples using this as sole birth control method will get pregnant over the course of a year), but 98% effective with perfect use. Just so we don't overestimate things, these calculations use the worst typical effectiveness.

If I am a typical pill user I have a 3% chance of getting pregnant. If I combine that with a condom, then I have a ((3)x(0.18))% chance of getting pregnant, or only 0.54% now.

If I am a typical pill user and combine that with the pull-out method (effectiveness about 70% on a good day), then my chances of getting pregnant are ((3)x(0.3))%, or 0.9%.

As you can see, the withdrawal method by itself isn't particularly effective, but because the pill is very effective at preventing pregnancy, the chances of it happening are small.

The pill+condom combination is more effective, because condoms have a better success rate than the withdrawal method.

In addition condoms help prevent STDs

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What is the rhythm method of birth control?

Rhythm MethodI'm not sure if this is in fact the rhythm method, but I believe it is done by calculating the fertile days and ovulation, then avoiding sex on and around (+ or - 4 days) these days.

Yes the above is true, but how do you determine that?

You can only get pregnant after you ovulate. Ovulation is the release of a single, mature egg from an ovary. This happens once monthly about two weeks after the beginning of menstruation in the average female (but you may be different). Once the egg is released, it travels down the fallopian tube where it may be fertilized by sperm within twenty-four hours of release.

A sudden surge in the level of Leutenizing Hormone (LH) causes ovulation. LH is always present in the body but in smaller amounts than are seen just prior to ovulation. Around the middle of the menstrual cycle, the pituitary gland releases more LH than any other time of the cycle. The LH surge can last from 1-3 days. The beginning of the LH surge precedes ovulation by 20-44 hours which is about one and a half days. The surge in LH can usually be detected in the urine 8-12 hours after it occurs in the serum.

If you want to determine when you are fertile, there are currently two major methods used to determine when a particular woman is ovulating. Basal body temperature is one method. The basal body temperature (BBT) will fall abruptly one to two days prior to ovulation in most women. There is a basal body thermometer used to measure basal body temperature. The temperature of a healthy person when taken immediately upon awakening is considered to be the BBT. Basal conditions are defined as being found 12 hours after the following: a restful sleep, eating, with no exercise, and with no emotional excitement. Also, basal body temperatures should be taken in normal ambient temperature. In addition to the drop in BBT prior to ovulation, other symptoms of fertility are monitored. These symptoms include cervical mucus changes and general physical observations. Basal body temperature monitoring may be a useful approach initially for a couple attempting to conceive. It is an inexpensive option which also provides a woman with accurate data concerning her cycle length. This information is helpful when considering the purchase and use of in-home monoclonal antibody ovulation prediction kits.

The other method often used to determine time of ovulation is in-home ovulation prediction kits. These should be used after the woman knows the length of her cycle and a time frame when she can expect to ovulate which she can find by using the BBT method. In-home ovulation prediction kits help determine the woman's fertile period by detecting the increase in the concentration of LH in the woman's urine prior to and during ovulation. These kits were first marketed in the United States in 1985. These tests contain monoclonal antibodies specific for LH and use an ELISA or EMIT to elicit a color change proportional to the level of LH in the urine. A significant increase in the intensity of the color over baseline is indicative of the LH surge. Different ovulation prediction kits contain supplies for between 5 and 9 tests. Theoretically, the earlier testing begins in a cycle and the more consecutive days tested, the greater is the likelihood of predicting the day of ovulation.

Often people will avoid intercourse 4 days before they EXPECT to ovulate based on some history. However, to be truly safe, wait until 4 days after you ovulate until the first day of your period.

Here are more comments from Wiki s contributors:

  • This is based on the fact that MOST women ovulate about half-way between periods. So if you have a dependable 28-day cycle, you should be most fertile around 14-21 days after the beginning of each cycle and refrain from having sex during this time.

Old joke = What do you call people who use the rhythm method? = Parents.

  • The rhythm method is an old and outdated method based purely on counting days from your last period. Unfortunately, the old joke listed above is probably more fact than fiction.

The current non-chemical method is called "natural family planning". It relies on certain physical changes in women to estimate the fertile time. I can say from personal experience it works and is best done when both parties are involved in the process.

  • The rhythm method, or natural family planning, is a form of birth control in which the days between your menstrual cycles are counted. On the days ovulation occurs (during mid cycle usually days 14-16), the women must abstain from sexual intercourse. This type of birth control is usually used in cases where religion stipulates that the use of modern day birth control divices (such as birth control pills, condoms, and other hormonal and barrier divices) is unnatural. This method is not as effective as the others in most cases because of human error.
  • Actually the "rhythm method" and the "natural planning method" are two similar but very different approaches to non-chemical pregnancy planning. As described above the "rhythm method" is calendar based and assumes that all women are regular and typical with 28 day cycles each and every month. I have many cousins from this method! Don't try it.

Natural Family Planning as taught by the Couple to Couple League is based on the individuality of each women. It has been shown to be as effective as using the pill - when properly applied. If you have no self control, a partner who doesn't respect your womanhood or multiple partners I wouldn't recommend it. If however, you are in a long term relationship with someone you love and loves you back, I highly recommend it.

For more information go to www.ccli.org

Withdrawal and Rhythm Methods

Your partner and you have been using the withdrawal method for years and have not fallen pregnant could this be a sign of infertility?

Could be.

Withdrawal and Rhythm Methods

Are the risks of pregnancy high if the withdrawal method was used during your period?

Even if withdrawal wasn't used, the chances of a woman getting pregnant from sex on her period is about 2% or less (provided it is period blood and not ovulation spotting). So no, chances are not high.

The withdrawl method really doesn't do anything to prevent pregnancy. But most women can't get pregnant during their period. Always use a condom or another form of birht control. The withdrawl method is not a safe choice.

The risks are always there when you are having unprotected sex.

Sex While Menstruating

You can still get pregnant if you have sex while you have your period. Many people believe that if you're bleeding, the sperm will wash out of you, or that there is no egg present.

Sperm are strong swimmers, and can go against the flow of blood from a woman's body. Plus, the egg may be lingering in the uterus, and can attach if impregnated during menstruation.

Stick to your regular birth control routine during your period.

Pulling out or Withdrawal

A guy might say he won't come inside you, and he may mean it. But, even if he does pullout before coming you can still get pregnant. If any come or pre-come gets into your vagina, the sperm in that fluid can swim all the way to the fallopian tubes.

Pre-come is the drop of fluid that often leaves the penis before the man actually comes. Biologically, it's a guy's natural lubrication. Sperm (and possibly the HIV virus) may be in that lube.

This method DOES NOT work to prevent pregnancy or STI transmission.

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I have pelvic pain and my nipples are very tender Why?


Withdrawal and Rhythm Methods

How effective is the withdrawal method?

Withdrawal and Rhythm Methods
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What is Natural Approach Method in TESL?

A friend went to a class for Teaching English as a Second Language and she told me that, during the class they teach you to think like the native speakers do. For example, teaching groups of people who grew up in poor, hot, desert areas, finding and preserving potable water would be very important to them and their society. They might now even know what 'snow' is or "Christmas" songs.

There is a website that you can go to find out more info:

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Withdrawal and Rhythm Methods

Could you be pregnant if you just have light spotting on the day you're supposed to start your period?


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Withdrawal and Rhythm Methods

What are the chances of getting pregnant on the eighth day of your cycle using the withdrawal method?

Even with the withdrawal method, sperm can be deposited into the vagina. They live anywhere from 3 - 5 days inside of you. Most women ovulate from days 12 - 16. So, it is possible to still become pregnant. You will need to wait until your period is late and take a HPT to find out for sure.

Withdrawal and Rhythm Methods
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What is Zeisel's method?

Zeisel's method is used to estimate the alkoxy linkages in an organic compound. In this method the organic compound containing alkoxy group is treated with hydrogen iodide and the alkyl halide formed is further treated with silver nitrate to precipitate silver iodide

In this reaction only hydrogen iodide can be used because it consists of an ionic bond, while HF, HCl, HBr contain covalent bond where an iodide ion is liberated which forms a precipitate with silver nitrate. The silver iodide can be weighed and from its weight the number or alkoxy group can be estimated.

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Withdrawal and Rhythm Methods

How effective is Depo-Provera and spermicide?

The depo shot is very effective when taken alone. If you are also taking spermicide, although nothing but abstinence is 100%, I think you are pretty close, provided that the spermicide is also taken as instructed. i.e., 15 minutes before intercourse but not longer than one hour, unless it's VCF (vaginal contraceptive film) which must be taken at least 25 minutes prior to intercourse and can last as long as 3 hours. Good for you for being so conscientious.

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What are the chances of getting pregnant if you are on your period and your partner pulls out?

ANSWERIt is extremely rare for a woman to get pregnant while she is on her period.

But let me offer you some advice on 'pulling out'. It doesn't work. It never has.

I have two children. One was conceived by way of pulling out. The other, was conceived using a condom.

Nothing is 100%. That is what you need to understand.

Pulling out will not make any difference, but being on your period makes there very little chance. A few women ovulate while on their period, but it's not usually the norm. Talk to your doctor or wait until you are late and take a test.
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What are the chances of pregnancy if you are on birth control and use a condom and the withdrawal method?

Condom: 98%; used correctly. 84% on average (based on typical users) Birth Control: 99%, slightly less if used as typical. Withdrawal: don't know percentage but I did read that most people become pregnant within a year of doing this. well, even if every method was 99% if you add them all up you can never reach 100% but you can hit something like 99.999% y'know there's always a chance even if it's that small Although as stated above that nothing is 100% no matter how you look at it I would say that you are covered as much as you possibly can be and that if by some chance you still do get pregnant despite allt he precautions that you are taking then you became pregnant for a reason and think very carefully about what you do with that...Good Luck and God Bless!!! Pretty much nil. Of course the only sure way to not get pregnant is to not have sex. But the odds would be extremely unlikely considering birth control pills and a condom was used. Of course the margin of error for both of those products is mainly due to human error. Not taking pills on a good schedule, not using a condom properly, damaging a condom.

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If a woman and man in their 40s use the withdrawal method what are the chances of getting pregnant?

I've read that women over age 35 have a harder time conceiving so that might work in your favor, but using the withdrawal method at any age is always risky.

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Are the risks of pregnancy high if you use a condom with the withdrawal method?

Guys can't feel the precum, so use LOTS of lubricant, but you're being smart if you use the condom.

The withdrawel method with the condom is a nice way to prevent pregnancy, but I would recommend taking the pill with the condom.

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Is 5 days before your period and 5 days after a good rule of thumb?

The reality is that you can become pregnant when you ovulate and there is no sure way to determine ovulation. Everybody is different and the time during the month a girl ovulates is not very predictable. There is no "rule of thumb" for unsafe sexual activity. The withdrawal method ranges between 70% and 80% effective, but that is still AT LEAST a 1 in 5 chance of becoming pregnant. Women's cycles vary and unless you have an ovulation kit that tells you dependably, there is NO SAFE TIME to have unprotected intercourse. Please be sexually responsible.

Five days after is fairly conservative (that is what I practice) but five days before is disastrous unless you have been tracking your basal temperatures to insure that you have ovulated.

I hate to say, "Yes, its a good rule of thumb", and then be responsible for your pregnancy. The problem with using a "rule of thumb" is that it is only an approximation to the real answer. Even "5 days before" your period is risky, specially for a teen or young women. How many times has your period been later than you planned? If you use the "5 days before rule of thumb" you may being having intercourse during the fertile time of your late period! I wouldn't recommend "5 days before) without some other physical indicator. During your period is as close to perfectly safe as you can get. Next, is up to 5 days after...but even that I don't really feel comfortable with for teens. There are a lot of questions that start, "What are my chances of getting pregnant if..." and I find these oh-so humorous and oh-so sad at the same time. Call me a grossly insensitive male, but why would you take such chances with something so important that it affects your life and the life of the fetus? If one of those things did happen, don't fret about it - it already happed! And definately, don't wait for some FAQFARM answer - go get a pregnancy test and then make an informed decision. Every day that goes by is critical. If you abort (not my suggested option) the older the fetus, the more tramatic the event for both of you. If you decide to go full term - the early you get pre-natal care, the better it is for you and the baby. Sorry about the soap box, but worry is always the worst decision. It won't change anything. There are people on both sides of the abortion question who want to help you. (I know I've probaly made some of you angry. If you want to vent, but feel this isn't the forum, write me: gws5284-faqfarm@yahoo.com )

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How effective is the birth control patch and withdrawal?


AnswerOf course she is protected by the patch from becoming pregnant, but other than that she was not protcected by a condom, which would protect her from STD's.


You are protected from pregnancy as long as you have changed it once a week.
The patch used properly is one of the most effective reversible methods of birth control. Whether you use withdrawal is irrelevant, withdrawal is not a method of birth control.

Withdrawal and Rhythm Methods

What are the chances of getting pregnant if the guy pulled out but it is ovulation time?


The chances of getting pregnant are very high whenever there has been unprotected sex. The chances greatly increase during ovulation time even if the guy the pulled out. A man will pre-ejaculte or precum which is something they do not even feel or have control over and that is where the strongest sperm are swimming.

especially if he came more then once

Withdrawal and Rhythm Methods
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Withdrawal and Rhythm Methods

What is coitus interruptus?

It is the withdrawal method referring to sex. It means that the male pulls his penis out of the vagina just before he ejaculates. It is NOT a good method of birth control, as it quite often causes pregnancy if not used correctly.

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