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it is a verb. the word "bang" is an onomatopoeia, but "banging" is a verb

(think about it this way. have you ever heard a sound that makes the noise "BANGING"?)

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2012-04-23 17:48:49
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Q: Is the word banging a verb or an onomatopoeia?
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The clanging and banging of the bells is an example of what?


Can an onomatopoeia be used as a verb?

No. Onomatopoeia is the adjective used to describe a word that is a sound. For example: Oink is an onomatopoeia, and so is moo. So the actual word "onomatopoeia" is not a verb, but the words that it describes can be. Onomatopoeia could also be a noun. "The cow made a strange onomatopoeia."="The cow made a strange noise"

What is onomatopoeia for flute?

A word for the sound of a flute that suggests that sound is the verb "tootle."

What is the onomatopoeia for jumping?

There is no onomatopoeia for "jumping". Jumping is a verb.

Is dribble onomatopoeia?

No. It is a verb.

Is roar a onomatopoeia word?

Depends on how you use it."Roar" is a verb in this example: The lion roared at the audience."Roar" is an onomatopoeia in this example: The roar of the wind deafened me.

Is The clanging and banging of the bells metaphor?

No, the words clanging and banging demonstrate onomatopoeia, or when a word is a sound too. A metaphor is a comparison that does not use like or as. The passing of the seasons, as described from one stanza to the next (spring to winter), is a metaphor for the stages of life.

Is wail an onomatopoeia?

I don't think Wail is an onomatopoeia. It is more of a verb because a person can wail but a person can not BOOM or CLICK CLACK. So no wail is not an onomatopoeia, it is a verb.

Is banging an adjective?

It can be. It is the present participle of the verb, which can also be an adjective or a noun. Example: The banging doors kept him awake all night.

Is the word moo a saying verb?

It is an onomatopoeia, which is a word that describes a sound. Other onomatopoeias include 'beep', 'click', 'pop', and 'bark'.

Is the word impact an onomatopoeia?

no, impact is a verb (though it can be used as a noun). It describes the actual event of one object hitting another, not the sound it makes (which would be an onomatopoeia). "Bam" might be the onomatopoeia best describing an impact.

Is the word cling onomatopoeia?

Yes, the word cling is an onomatopoeia.

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