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The zoo is much safer. 'Nature is red in tooth and claw.'

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Q: Is the zoo safer for animals or the wild?
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Are animals in the zoo safer than animals in the wild?

yes because there are poachers and killers out in this world .and they will get killed

How do wild animals get caught and put in a zoo?

they get tranquilized in the wild and then drove to a zoo

Should animals be kept in the zoo or out in the wild?

animals should not be kept in the zoo because they wont get to explore the wild or the nature

How do the monkeys get fleas?

they can get fleas from other animals in the wild or if they are in a zoo from other animals in the zoo

Are animals in captivity at the zoo?

Yes, an animal being in captivity means that they are animals that are usually wild but are not in the wild. So yes animals at the zoo are in captivity.

Where does the Bronx Zoo get its animals from?

They either buy their wild animals or they rescue abandoned wild animals.

What are the disadvantages of animals in the zoo?

they are not in the wild. They prefer to live in the wild.

What do you call a place to protect wild animals?

the zoo. or a place to protect wild animals..?

Are zoo spaces enough for wild animals?


Where are wild animals kept?

When wild animals are kept in captivity, they are typically kept in a zoo. The wild animals are on display where the public can see them in this setting.

Do anaimals live longer in a zoo then a wild anaimal?

animals live longer in the zoo then the wild because there is a steadier food balance in a zoo than in the wild there is also not any predators in the zoo in the cage they are in.

Do animals belong in the wild?

it depends what type of animals u are thinking about, because they have zoo animals, pets and well wild animals!

Why are there animals at the zoo?

There are animals at the zoo because animals are supposed to be at the zoo. I mean even though there aren't any dogs or cats there are wild animals like lions tigers lizards zebras and a lot more. That's why there are animals at a zoo.

How is reproduction better for animals in the wild than animals in the zoo?

Reproduction is better for animals in the wild than in the zoo because in the wild,if an animal reproduces, the offspring grow up and learn to live in the wild naturally. If an animal reproduces in the zoo, the offspring would have to be taught to live in the wild or never be let free back into its natural habitat.

Are animals safer in zoos?

Yes, animals are safer in zoos but they are trapped in cages which is cruel. It must be much more exciting in the wild.

Is cow found in Singapore zoo?

the cow is not found in the Singapore zoo because it is a farm animal. Animals that are found in the Singapore Zoo are wild animals.

Why animals should not be kept in a zoo?

Some people believe its just not right to put wild animals in the zoo. Animals are born to be free. Many animals have common habitat and they deserve to live where they belong. While the animals stay in their cells in the zoo they lose advantage of wild life.

What type of animals live in the zoo?

Wild animals from different parts of the world including wild cats, birds, snakes, bears, and other wild animals.

Why do you have animals in zoo?

because then you could see animals that you cant see in the wild.

Can animals live in the wild after living in a zoo?

yes they release the animals back into the wild all the time on tv

How long do animals live in the zoo than in the wild?

animals in zoos lifes are cut by about 20% from ones in the wild

Are zoo animal better than wild animals?

yes because they are well trained then wild life animals

What is the characteristics of zoo animals?

Zoo animals are like other wild animals, however, most of them cannot be tamed like the domestic pets. Zoo animals are kept inside cages due to this reason.

What is a difference between zoo and wild life sanctuary?

a zoo is a place animals are kept in cages

What are some wild life animals in budapest?

Well, Budapest is a zoo so what kind of animals do you think you`de see at a zoo??