Is their a ghost in every house?

you call GHOSTBUSTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!No. Residual, however, does exist in every location. Everything that happens leaves an energy residual. That is where you get people walking down stairs every night, playing piano at the same time, walking through the area at the same time every year. Everything leaves an imprint and some places tend to let it show.

== == According to legend, only in those houses in which someone has died.

This one is up for grabs. Some people believe in ghosts which are also called entities or spirits and some don't. Personally, I do believe such things exist although I haven't seen an entity I have experienced strange events and touching twice in my life. There was definitely something there and no .... I was not drinking or on drugs! LOL It is quite true that if there are such things as entities they often will stay around the home they were fond of. A girlfriend of mine told me that her parents had a ghost in their home they simply called 'George.' I didn't believe her until she took me to her parents home for a meal and after dinner we sat in the den by the fireplace. There was a large picture on the wall and as we were talking the whole picture moved. I couldn't believe my eyes, and then I laughed and thought that my friend's parents were playing a joke on me. They weren't laughing! They said, 'George, stop it now, you're scaring another guest.' The next thing I couldn't believe was George not only put the picture back straight on the wall, but he was good as gold after that. I wasn't buying it and went and felt around the picture for signs of string, but there were none. So, all I can say is, just because we haven't seen one doesn't mean they don't exist. I see ghosts in my house and my bf house they live in most houses they just don't know there dead tell them and they go cause the house they live in they think its there house and no body is living there but them.

I have a picture of a ghost

Not in every house, no. Sometimes spirits can dwell within a house that was built on a particular plot of ground, such as somewhere where their house was before the new one was erected, sometimes they dwell within the house because they lived there and still want it as their home, sometimes they can be linked to a person or an object within the home. I recon there is its just the ghost doesn't know if the house is there or not! This leads to my theory. Ghosts are stuck in their time. They can't see what we see. They can only see what they saw in there time. Lets say York, most haunted place in the UK, The Romans do not know that they are dead! They carry on as normal! Where my house stands used to be an old barn. My Lil bro recons hes seen ghosts wandering around with bails of straw upstairs where the hay loft used to be! Ok this is exactly what I beleive. First of all I have been having these weird dreams involving a ghost. Second there CAN be a ghost in a household. What I beileive is that ghosts can travel from place to place if they feel. But if their soul is trapped there because they won't go into the light and accept there fait, then they are forever stuck to that area. If this is the case you may want to hire a team or try to confront them yourself to go towards the light and face their fait.