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Yes, It comes out on June 22, 2008 It's called Guitar Hero On Tour

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Guitar Hero on Nintendo DS?

yes they are making (or made) a ds guitar hero but i gotta tell ya it looks cra (and i love guitar hero)

Will Guitar Hero on tour decades work on Nintendo ds?

Yes it will. Guitar Hero On Tour Decades was made for the DS.

How much money are used games for guitar hero on the Nintendo ds lite?

Depending upon the condition of the game, you can buy them for $40-$50. :) If you're selling be fair to the buyer and tell them of the faults in the game, and make sure to price fairly. By the way, Guitar Hero for the Nintendo DS can be used on the original Nintendo DS, and the Nintendo DS Lite. (Sadly, Nintendo DSi cannot cope with Guitar Hero, so if you love to play Guitar Hero don't trade in your Nintendo DS Lite to GameStop for the extra $70 off of the Nintendo DSi...)

Will you be able to play guitar hero ds on a Nintendo DSi?

The current Guitar Hero games out for Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite will NOT work in the Nintendo DSi. We can only hope that there will be some decision within the Guitar Hero Headquarters that will cause them to come out with a new Guitar Hero game compatible with the new Nintendo DSi. A Solution (Maybe): If we're lucky the Guitar Hero Company will create a Guitar Hero game that can be downloaded from the Nintendo DSi Store. Therefore, they may release some sort of device (key pad) that hooks into the DS Slot. It would be awkward but it would be better than nothing, correct?

What Guitar Hero is Buddy Holly On?

Buddy Holly (by Weezer) is on Guitar Hero On Tour Decades for the Nintendo DS (DS, DS Lite, or DSi. Plays on all of them.)

When does Guitar Hero 4 come out for playstation2?

Guitar Hero 4 is coming out for the Nintendo DS not the playstation 2.

What are the songs on Guitar Hero 3 Nintendo?

Guitar Hero 3 on Nintendo doesn't exist. == GuitarHero DS was announced in Sept 2007. The game will use 3-D graphics and a new peripheral (still in design) for the Nintendo DS. Release date has not yet been announced.

Does the guitar hero on tour work on the old Nintendo ds?

No it does not. The guitar hero grip goes in the gameboy slot. The grip doesn't fit in the old DS.

Guitar Hero is sold for what systems?

PS2, PS3, Nintendo Wii, Nintendo DS, and Xbox360.

What Guitar Hero games are for the DS?

You could look it up, but there are, so far, three different Guitar Hero games for the Nintendo DS. Guitar Hero On Tour, Guitar Hero On tour Decades, and Guitar Hero Modern Hits. If you need more info on them, look it up.

When is next Guitar Hero coming out?

Guitar Hero 4 is set to come out for the Nintendo DS between October and December this year.

Will Guitar Hero be devising some way to create a game for the Nintendo DSi?

Guitar hero all ready made a game for the DS This is universal for all systems in the DS series. It is called guitar hero on tour.

Are there action replay codes for guitar hero on tour for the Nintendo ds?


How many Guitar Hero games are there for the Nintendo DS?

No there is 3 games in all.. guitar hero on tour, guitar hero on tour decades and guitar hero on tour modern hits.. these are all I know off but I believe there is only 3 guitar hero DS games :) Hope I helped Aimee x

Should you buy a Nintendo ds for Christmas or Guitar Hero 3 for Christmas?

DS, mainly because you can get Guitar hero for that console and you can get other games too. Other than that, Guitar Hero 3 is aperfectly decent game to by.

Is Guitar Hero for Nintendo DS lite compatible with the original DS?

Yes. You have to put it on different then lite's area

What systems are Guitar Hero on?

PS2, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, and Nintendo DS

Are there Guitar hero on tour hacked cheats on Nintendo DS?

There are codes but they are on Supercheats or Neoseeker.

Can Nintendo DS games go into Nintendo 3DS?

almost every DS game works on the 3DS, one game i know that does not work on the 3DS is guitar hero DS.

What is Guitar Hero Tour?

guitar hero for the DS. =]

Do Nancy drew Nintendo DS games work on Nintendo DS lites?

Of course. All Nintendo DS games work on Nintendo DS Lites. some Nintendo DS/lite games do not work on the DSi, however (like guitar hero on tour) because the DSi has no GBA slot.

How much does a Playstation portable cost with guitar hero?

You can't get Guitar Hero for PSP, you can get it for Nintendo DS, and you will be able to get Rock Band: Unplugged for the PSP later this year.

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