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There is no chapter 80 verse 20 found anywhere in The Bible. There is a Psalm 80:19 but no other book in the bible contains 80 chapters.

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Q: Is there a Chapter 80 verse 20 anywhere in the Bible?
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How many times is Greece mentioned in the Bible?

Greece is mentioned 5 times in the Bible In the book of Daniel chapter 8 verse 21, chapter 10 verse 20, chapter 11 verse 2 In the book of Zechariah chapter 9 verse 13 In the book of Acts chapter 20 verse 2

Who is the father of mosses and what verse in the Bible?

Moses father was Amram and you can find this at Exodus Chapter 6 verse 20.

What Bible verse is about theft?

In the book of Exodous chapter 20 verse 15 says Though shall not steal.

Bible and beards?

Leviticus chapter 13 verse 29 and 30 chapter 14 verse 19 chapter 19 verse 27 chapter 21 verse 5 1 Samuel chapter 17 verse 35 chapter 21 verse 13 2 Samuel chapter 10 verse 4 chapter 10 verse 5 chapter 19 verse 24 chapter 20 verse 9 Ezra chapter 9 verse 3 Psalm chapter 133 verse 2 Isaiah chapter 7 verse 20 chapter 15 verse 2 Jeremiah chapter 41 verse 5 chapter 48 verse 37 Ezekiel chapter 5 verse 1

Where in the bible are the ten ammandments?

It can be found in the old testament in the book of Moses called Exodus, chapter 20 verse 20.

Who was the first king to clebrate birthday in the bible?

It was Pharaoh in the book of Genesis chapter 20 verse 40.

What verse in the bible did thomas doubt Jesus?

The book of John, chapter 20 ,verses 24 through 29 (John 20:24-29)

Who was Moses mothes name?

Moses' mother's name was Jochebed. You'll find this in the Bible in the book of Exodus chapter 6 verse 20.

What is the 100th verse in the Bible what is the 100th word in the Bible what is the 100th chapter in the Bible what is the 100th letter in the Bible- In both the old and New Testaments?

Old Testament 100th verse=Genesis 4:20. 100th word=Genesis 1:6 and a half. (of). 100th chapter=Leviticus 10. 100th letter=Genesis 1:2 and a half. The second the in Genesis 1:2. the t of the the. New Testament 100th verse=Matthew 5:10. 100th word=get it yourself 100th chapter=Acts 11. 100th letter=get it yourself

Which chapter in Exodus is the Ten Commandments in the Old and New Testaments of the Holy Bible?

The old testemant book of exodus chapter 20 verse 2o has the ten commandments. But it is mentioned in the new testament also.

Where would you find the 10 commandments in the Bible?

It is found in the old testament, in the second book of Moseds called Exodus chapter 20 verse one onwards.

Where are he ten commandments listed?

It can be found in the book of Exodous chapter 20 verse 20.