Is there a Christian ultimate reality?

Ultimate reality exists outside religions. There is not a different reality for each religion, only an inner peace and understanding. It is both a religious experience (no matter one's faith) and a personal experience. The only requirement in achieving ultimate reality is belief in and a surrender to a greater power. Meditation is a great way to encounter the Ultimate Reality because it is like the opposite of prayer; instead of talking to God(s), you are listening. As a Christian, I can tell you there is not a "Christian Ultimate Reality" but all Christians can encounter Ultimate Reality.

What is stated above is both self refuting and ridiculous. If there is no ultimate reality, then this turns out to actually be the ultimate reality, so the idea shoots itself in the foot. It is contradictory and therefore necessarily false to say that it is true that there is no ultimate truth. A self refuting statement is one that cannot live up to its own criteria of meaning. Anything you say to me about truth, even if you say there is none, is a claim to truth. You want me to think it is true that there is no truth. I simply can't buy it. Of course there is a Christian ultimate reality. It begins with God himself, who is the source of all things, the foundation upon which everything else rests. The next truth about Christian ultimate reality is that nothing comes from nothing, or out of nothing, nothing comes. Therefore there must be a cause or source for everything. The universe could not have created itself, and so it needs a cause greater than it. All this inner peace and listening in meditation is nonsense if there is no ultimate source of meaning. Since God is that source, he is the ultimate reality, in the biblical, Christian view. Further, we are not perfect and must die, but there either is or is not a "cure" for death, a solution to the problem of "eventual personal extinction." If there is not, then there is no ultimate hope for anyone, let alone humanity. If there is a path to immortality, then there is indeed hope for everyone. Christ is both that path and that hope.