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Not really. Sure there have been characters that have been curious in their respective stories, but there is no Disney character whose main characteristic is curiosity.

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Q: Is there a Disney character known for being curious?
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What Disney character has big breasts?

Jessica Rabbit is well-known for her curves.

What is the 'Baby Lily' character known for?

There are several great Disney and cartoon characters known for tricks, shows, and laughs. However, Baby Lily is not a known celebrity character at this time.

Is Elmo a Disney character?

No, Elmo is not a Disney character. Elmo is known for appearing on the children's learning programming known as "Sesame Street." The character eventually grew to become so popular with children he eventually gained his own spin off educational shows and has even had his own Broadway musical.

Who is the Disney cartoon character wear hat?

Goofy and Donald Duck are well known for wearing hats.

Did Walt Disney invent every Disney character?

Unfortunately, no, but he created some of the better known characters like: Snow White, Mickey Mouse, etc. :)

Are there any well known characters that begin with letter n?

Nemo is a character in the Walt Disney movie Finding Nemo. Nancy is a well-known comic strip character. Ed Norton was a TV character played by Art Carney on The Honeymooners.

What is Napoleon known for?

Being a character in the book called "Animal Farm" Being a well known French military officer. Being the Emperor of the French.

What was Homer known for?

doughnuts and bear and being a character in the Simpsons episode

What was Daffy Duck known for?

The character is renown for his being zany , vain and greedy .

Who is the most popular Disney character?

Number One Disney CharacterMickey Mouse is the most famous Disney character of all time. ANSWERMickey Mouse is the most known. However Donald duck was more popular than mickey mouse when Walt Disney came up with the character. I though that that was wierd. I'm kinda a Disney freak hence the screen name. disney1240. HAHA Recently, characters from Winnie the Pooh have also become very popular.Disney PrincessesAlso, if your gearing more toward the Princesses, its widely known that Cinderella is the most popular. But as said above, Mickey Mouse was the first ever Disney character. Therefore he is an international icon for Disney itself. Just think, people in Japan, Europe, Australia, they can all recognize the mere silhouette of Mick.

What is the best known Disney movie?

Snow White is the best known Disney movie.

What are the oldest Disney characters?

The oldest Continuing Disney Character is Today known as "Pete". Peg Leg Pete, as he was originally known, also known as Black Pete, Bootleg Pete or Percy P Percival, made his first appearance in 1925, three years before Mickey Mouse.

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