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Medusa is the Latin/Roman equivalent to the Greek Medousa.

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Medusa's roman name was Medusa. Her name was the same, but in latin, it was rondanini.

Romans used the name Medusa, Greeks used Medousa or Medouse: a name meaning "guardian" or "queen".

There is no Roman meaning to Medusa's name, her name in Greek means "queen".

No, Medusa is of Greek origin.

Medusa was a Greek mythological figure which featured in the legend of Perseus. There is also a "Roman" Medusa. Medusa also featured in Ovid's Metamorphoses. He added more stories about what happened after Perseus slayed her.

Notus' roman equivalent name is Auster.

Cupid was the Roman name. His Greek equivalent was Eros.

Diana was her Roman name. Her Greek equivalent was Artemis.

The Roman equivalent of Hephaestus is Vulcan.

Demeter's Roman name is Ceres.

The Roman equivalent of Hades is Pluto.

Timor or Timorus is the roman equivalent.

Cybele.Her roman name is Cybele

The Roman equivalent of Hephaestus was Vulcan .

Mercury is this god's Roman name...his Greek equivalent is Hermes...

Mercury is the Roman name; the Greek equivalent was Hermes.

'Saturn' was the Roman name; he was the equivalent of the Greek Titan, Cronus.

The Norse name was Valhalla, I do not know of a Roman equivalent.

Vesta was the Roman name. Hestia was Vesta's Greek equivalent.

Metis is the Roman name as well as the Greek, for the Romans did not have a equivalent.

Medusa means "queen" or "guardian".

Jupiter is the Roman equivalent of Zeus.

His Roman equivalent is Mars.

Hephaestus' Roman equivalent was Vulcan.

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