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Is there a Warrior Cats movie?

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No, according to the warrior cats official website: there are no warriors movies currently in production and no definite plans to make one, "Whatever you read on the internet!". There have been discussions with various production companies but nothing has worked out so far. Erin Hunter has said: "We'll wait until we can make a Warriors Blockbuster!"

There are various fan-created films on YouTube which follow the storyline of the Warriors series, like SSSWarriors. but most are far from the quality you would expect from an official Warriors movie. Check out the related links below for some examples of fan-created films.

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As of now, there are no Warrior cat movies out, and there are no plans to make any.

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Will the warrior cats movie be about the first book or the first whole prophecy?

There is no Warrior cats movie Erin Hunter is trying to get us to have a warrior cats movie but it has not happened yet.

What books will take part in the warrior cats movie?

It has been confirmed by Erin Hunter that there will be no warrior cats movie

How will play Ravenpaws voice in the warrior cats movie?

Nobody because so far, there is no Warrior Cats movie in process.

Will there be a warrior cats movie in 2014?


Is there warrior cats movie?

No,there are no plans for a warriors movie.

What is the first episode of warrior cats?

Warrior cats has no show or movie. If you mean the first book then the answer is Into the Wild.

What is the warrior cats movie called?

There is no Warriors movie (yet).

What is the warriors movie about?

There is no warrior cats movie currently created.

When will the Warrior Cats movie begin production?

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Will there really be a warrior cats movie in 2010?

no no no no no

Will there be a warrior cats the movie?

No there will not be a production of the Warriors.

Warriors cats movie?

No, there is not going to be a Warrior Cats Movie, as Erin Hunter had announced on Facebook.

Where can you find previews of the warrior cats move?

Sadly, nowhere =/ The authors have confirmed that there are no immediate plans for a Warrior Cats movie.

When is the warrior cats movie going to be?

No plan for one

When is the warrior cats movie coming out?

There is not one, but there is a Warriors series! Where you watch it is what I can't tell you.

Where can i buy the warrior cats tv show on disk?

There is not a warrior cats TV show or movie, though there are a few fan made shows on YouTube. For example, SSS warrior cats on YouTube.

How can you be a voice for warrior cats movie?

There are no plans for a Warriors movie, but you would have to try out.

Is the warrior cats movie coming out in 2011?

No. No plans for a movie yet, sadly.

Is the warrior movie animated?

If you mean warrior cats, then no, as no movie has been in production. The Erins have comfirmed it on the official site; there are no plans for one.

Is there a warrior cats movie preview out?

No but Erin Hunter is relly trying to get a warriors movie.

When is the warrior cats movie going to come out?

Right now, there is no Warriors movie plan.

Is there a PlayStation 2 Warrior Cats game?

No there isn't a warrior cats game on playstation 2 or anyother console, they should make one though and a movie

Is there and will there be a warrior cats movie?

No Warrior cats movie has yet been planned.

Is there a preview of the warrior cats movie somewhere?

i dont think the movie is official yet so no there is not

Will hawkfrost die in the movie?

There are no current plans for any Warrior Cats movie so the answer is uncertain.