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Some people choose to join the military. That means signing away at least four years of your life, though. As big as your student loans might be -- and they will be big -- they won't be as big as that.

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Q: Is there a better way to get money for medical school besides student loans?
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What is the motto of American Medical Student Association?

American Medical Student Association's motto is 'It takes more than medical school to make a physician'.

How much is student loans for medical school?

Depends on which school, and if you get grants or scholarships as well, ballpark...medical students average $100,000 debt after leaving medical school.

Do you earn money in medical school?

No you dont because you are a student

What is the direct medical program?

Typically, a high schooler would apply to an undergraduate school with any given major, do premed, and then apply to medical school. A direct medical program though, a high school student can just apply to that program and then go straight to that same school's medical school without having to apply. The high school student then wouldn't have to worry about whether he or she would get into a medical school, because medical schools are extremely competitive.

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Which is better government school or private school?

That depends on what the student needs and what the school offers.

What is the motto of the American medical association?

American Medical Student Association's motto is 'It takes more than medical school to make a physician'.

To get into Notre Dame law school is it better to go to a public or private school?

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