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Yes there is a chance of being pregnant.

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Q: Is there a chance of getting pregnant if you had a sex 1 week after your last day of period and you only used withdrawal method?
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What is the probability of getting pregnant using the withdrawal method?

Nearly 100%!

If a person has sex 5 times in one night using pull out method what are the chances of getting pregnant?

The chances are that you will get pregnant as the withdrawal method is highly unreliable.

If me and my boyfriend didn't use protection and he used the pull out method and I am a little late on my period what is the chance I am pregnant?

The chance is pretty good. People who practice the withdrawal method are called "parents."

Is withdrawal method can be pregnant?

Yes. Withdrawal is the WORST decision anyone can make.

Is there a chance of getting pregnant when taking birth control?

No method of birth control is 100% effective.

How do you get pregnant using the withdrawel method?

Withdrawal doesn't work, so you just get pregnant.

What percent it is possible to get pregnant if you use withdrawal method?

Nearly 100%!

Pregnant from the withdraw method?

yes, this has happened to a lot of people. The withdrawal method is NOT as reliable as a condom.

You want to get pregnant in withdrawal method?

If you keep using it the odds are pretty good that you will become pregnant,

How long will it take to fall pregnant with the pull out method?

Withdrawal DOESN'T work. You'll get pregnant!

Using withdrawal method for 2 years not pregnant could something be wrong?

Not necessarily. If you're really careful using the withdrawal method (and most folks aren't), then you ony have a 4% chance of gettting pregnant each year. For most people 36% to 54% will get pregnant after two years, which means a lot of people won't get pregnant, even over a long period.

Is it alsways good to always use the withdrawal method for not getting pregnant?

It's NEVER good to use that method, it's not birthcontrol!There is always pre-cum and you can get pregnant. Lots of ppl do every day. Get a proper contraception.

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