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Q: Is there a chemical difference from raw onion and onion powder?
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Is cooking any onion a chemical reaction or physical?

its a chemical reaction . u cant get back raw onions after they r cooked! can uuuuuuuuuuuuu ??????????

How many spoons of saute onions equals one raw onion?

That would depend on the size of the raw onion!

Could you eat a raw onion?


How much raw onion is equal to 1.5 cup dehydrated onion?

1.5 cup dehydrated onion is equal to 6 cup of fresh onion

How many carbohydrates are in 9.9 ounces of onion?

RAW29.7 carbs in 9.9 ounces of raw onion.

How much vitamin c does a onion have?

7.4mg (9%) in a raw onion according to the USDA Nutrient Database.

What are the raw materials of milk powder?


How is allium cepa or the common onion prepared?

Onion is a common vegetable, and can be served cooked or raw. For medicinal purposes, onion is available for internal use as a capsule or tablet containing dehydrated onion or onion extract.

Your cat just ate a piece of onion?

I would give it a can of tuna to take the awful taste of raw onion away.

What food can make you throw up?

eat a raw onion or raw garlic also drink sour milk

Which part of the onion is eatable?

There is a thin layer of dry, papery skin on an onion bulb which has to be peeled off, and is not edible; every other part of the onion is edible, including the leaves if the bulb is allowed to sprout. Raw onion has a rather strong flavor, which has to be used in moderation - just a bit of chopped raw onion is nice on a hamburger. Fried onion develops a much milder, savory flavor. Chopped onion leaves (green onion) go well in soup.

I crave raw onion and I read its because of internal toxisity in the liver so what do I need to eat to help my liver?

Eating raw onion is very healthy and does not affect the liver. Carbohydrates are good for the liver.

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