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Amun was the Egyptian god of creation, see link. In the ten plagues written in the JudeoChristian Bible, it could be argued that the 10th plague was directly aimed at the cult of Amun. However, the current confusion with Moses is directly attributable to the famous painting and statue of Moses with the Ten Commandment in hand that looks as if there are horns sprouting from his head. This is not a representation of horns, but a visual reference to Exodus 34 where Moses' face shone and the people were scared of him. The "horns" are supposed to be the shining of his face...without the veil he wore. Judaism has never even remotely considered Moses a god. He is revered as the agent of deliverance from Egypt and the deliverer of the law. He is revered as THE teacher of the Law of God, but in no sense is he elevated to the status of a god. There is no other god but God and His Name is recorded as JHVH.

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Q: Is there a connection between Amun and the Jews' Moses?
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