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Scarlet fever mainly affects children. It is a bacterial disease. Scarlet fever can be cured with antibiotics.

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Q: Is there a cure for scarlet fever?
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When was a cure found for scarlet fever?

the cure for scarlet fever was found around the 1860s

Is there a cure for Fever?

Scarlet fever mainly affects children. It is a bacterial disease. Scarlet fever can be cured with antibiotics.

How do doctors cure scarlet fever?


What is the cure for scarlet fever?


Cure for scarlet fever in the 1700?

In the 1700 there was no "cure" for scarlet fever. Dr. George Frederick Dick (7/21/1881-10/10/1967) and his wife Gladys Rowena Dick created an anti-toxin used for an immunization for Scarlet Fever in 1923.

What is the vaccine for scarlet fever?

Scarlet Fever can be treated. Your doctor will prescribe medicines to help the symptoms of Scarlet Fever. The most common medicines prescribed are: antibiotics, skin ointment for the rash, and a fever reducer. Penicillin, or amoxacillin is usually the cure for it:).

Scarlet fever without fever?

scarlet fever without a fever is not scarlet fever

Is there any cure for scarlet-fever?

Scarlet fever is caused by an infection that was not treated in an earlier stage. It requires a larger dose of antibiotics than if the infection were caught sooner.

Do you get a fever with Scarlet fever?

It's not the "fever" part that gives Scarlet Fever it's name it's the rash and the red (scarlet) face that comes with it. Obviously you can have a fever with Scarlet fever...but not always. improved answer: Yes, you always get a fever with scarlet fever. scarlet is the colour of the rash and fever is what comes with it.

Can scarlet fever be cure?

I am guessing these questions are not general questions and refer more to perhaps an assignment. It is far easier to research "scarlet fever" on a search engine than post many questions about the disease. For instance, a simply Google search returns a pleutra of information regarding scarlet fever.

Famous people with scarlet fever?

What famous people have scarlet fever?

Where did scarlet fever come from?

i have no idea where scarlet fever came from srry!

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