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Is there a deforestation in Amazon?

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Q: Is there a deforestation in Amazon?
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Is Amazon deforestation illegal?


Is there any deforestation?

yes there is quite a lot of deforestation in the Amazon Rainforest.

Where are the most worst cases of deforestation?

The worst area for deforestation is the Brazillian Amazon

Where is deforestation the worst?

In the Brazilian Amazon

When did the deforestation of the Amazon happen?


How do you use deforestation in a sentence?

the deforestation of the Amazon River area has not helped globel warming.

How can you stop deforestation in the Amazon?

because you can obv

Why is deforestation happening in the amazon rainforest?

because it is

Who is helping to stop deforestation in the Amazon?


Who are the stakeholders in deforestation of the Amazon?

lady gaga

Using the word deforestation in a sentence?

The deforestation of the Amazon River area has not helped global warming.

What do loggers think about the rainforest deforestation?

They benefit greatly from the deforestation of the amazon as they sell the trees to make money

How much Deforestation goes on in the Amazon Rainforest?


Where does deforestation occurs?

it mainly occurs in the amazon and in Indonesia

What is the human impact on Amazon rainforest?

deforestation/ tourism

What the problem that Amazon has?

Deforestation and endangered/extinct animals

What are the main cause of deforestation in the Amazon region?

Deforestation in the Amazon is mostly due to cattle farms. The other major contributor is farming and agriculture like soybean production

How is the amazon rain forest affected by deforestation?

as you know deforestation is the clearance of trees without replacing them. by doing that you will be threatening the lives of many amazon creatures and therefore destroying their habitats.

Is true of deforestation and farming the cleared land in the Amazon?


Why is deforestation occurring in the amazon region?

Too many people.

Where can one find information about deforestation in the Amazon?

You can find out more information about the deforestation in the Amazon online at websites such as the World Wildlife Fund and Unique South America. You can also read more information about the Amazon as well as what you can do at WWF Panda.

What rainforest's are badly affected by deforestation?

Tropical rain forests are affected by deforestation worldwide, especially in Indonesia, the Amazon, and Africa.

Hoe can you stop deforestation in the Amazon rainforest?

When you plant one tree plant another this will slow down the process of deforestation

Are there pros to deforestation?

The pro's for deforestation (mainly for the Amazon rainforest): you get paper and wood (trees get cut down), meat (cattle ranching)

Are the animals in the Amazon able to adapt to the deforestation?

Not really. The deforestation is happening far, far faster than the ability of animals to adapt to it.