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A king boxspring is usually two twin sized. You could use a king size frame and put two twin beds on there, however that's going to leave a gap in the middle.

You could use the two twin box springs and a king frame and then get a king mattress.

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Q: Is there a device that joins two twin beds into a king size?
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What size does two twin size beds make?

king size

When were king size beds invented?


How many ft is a full size bed?

In the UK we have 4' 6" double beds and 5' king size beds.

Is to full size beds the same size as a queen?

No, two "full sized" beds is the same as a King. A queen is not as wide, but is longer.

Where can Kings Beds be purchased?

Upon researching the term "kings beds" there does not seem to be any relevance, however, "king beds" are plentifully available at any bed or mattress shop. King beds are the largest mattress size available, other than a California King, which is slightly longer than the standard King size.

Is a queen size bed the biggest you can buy?

No, a king sized or California king are the biggest beds that you can buy. A king size bed is the size of two twin beds pushed together. It gives a couple plenty of room to stretch.

What is the standard measurement for a queen size mattress?

In the UK a standard Queen Size bed is also what is classed as a double size at 4ft6inches. King Size beds are 5ft, and single beds are 3ft.

Do two twin beds put together equal a queen bed?

No. Two twin beds put together is the same size as a King-size bed.

What is the size Difference between king and queen size bed?

There is quite a size difference between queen and king sized beds. Queen size beds measure 60" wide x 80" in length. The size of a king can vary from 76" in width x 80 " in length for a standard king to a California king which measures 72" in width x 84" in length.

What size is king bedspread?

A king-size bed is roughly the width of two twin beds; the bedspread then is about 120" wide by 110" long.

What types of rooms are offered by the Portland Motel?

The Portland Motel has lots of rooms for offer. They offer rooms with twin beds, queen size beds, and king size beds. They also have suites that cost more.

What is the measurements of king size waterbed sheets?

King size water beds are 72 inches wide by 84 inches long. There are also California King sheets, but I don't know that size.

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