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Is there a difference between wma and mp3 files in how many songs you can put on a 128mb mp3 files?

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mp3 is a format or type of songs there are many formats like mp4 ,midi etc

shuffle makes it shuffle your songs and don't replay them and shuffle repeat shuffles the songs and can repeat songs

THE DIFRENCE ABOUT the beatles and other songs are that they are much better and have 275 songs WOW

songs are usually considered to have words.

It can hold up to 150 songs if the mp3 files are saved as data files.

Acapella songs are different from regular songs in such a way that the singers use no instrument apart from their own voices, which is in contrast with the usual music.

An anthem is a national song for a country. Songs are shorter.

You can get the songs from anywhere, but they have to be AAC files, such as .m4a files. You can use iTunes to convert .mp3 and .wma files into .m4a so they will work. A word of warning, though: if you buy songs from the iTunes store only iTunes Plus songs (without DRM) will work on the DSi.

Mostly what they are still about. Try listening to some. Also learn the difference between where and were.

Copying a CD is just that, You end up with another CD with the same information on it as the one you started with (identical). Ripping is the action of getting the Information of the CD, Usually Music or Video, and downloading it onto your PC. Also Ripping usually involves a process of converting files, Such as A music CD the songs are Wav Files, and when you Rip them to your PC they are usually converted into Mp3 files.

The artist, the lyrics, the music video. Everything but the style of the song is different.

After download the songs back, you should find a program to convert the files.

The only difference should be how they look. If they are both 8 gigabytes then they will hold the same amount of songs

That depends on how big the files are (in other words, how long the songs last).

no definitive answer to that questionall song files (compressed or not) has a different size, you can nevertheless estimate a number.A 5Mo average size of your files gives 200 songsA 4Mo average size gives 250 songsand so on

You can convert your music files from

It plays any videos you have, basically. Also, it plays music files. You can create playlists of songs, too. You can burn songs onto cds, or stream media files from online.

If you already have songs on your computer, then when you load iTunes, it should locate them. When I did it, it found all my WAV and MP3 files including short files used by Windows, etc. You should be able to select a command for iTunes to find all your sound files.

Sure! Record your songs as MP3 files and transfer them onto your computer. After you import them into iTunes, you are capable of transfering the songs to your iPod.

All you have to do is add the files from your Shared folder or wherever you originally downloaded your songs from.

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