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Their are different types of usb ports. The oldest one is USB1, then comes USB2 which is now mostly used and just out is USB3 but that isn't used by a lot of people at this moment.

Type A and Type B refer to a type of plug on the end of a USB Cable.

USB 2.0 and 3.0 are protocol shifts, 3.0 has some additional hardware behind the cables and 1.0 and 2.0 are identical cable wise. 3.0 is backwards compatible with 1.0 and 2.0.

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Q: Is there a difference in USB ports for example type A USB port?
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How are serial ports and com ports different?

A serial port is a type of port which sends and receives data one bit at a time, as opposed to parallel ports which can send and receive in multiple streams. A COM port is a type of serial port. At one time it was the most common type of serial port, but USB has supplanted its role. It is becoming increasingly rare for modern PC's to include the old-style COM ports.

What type of port sends data one bit at a time?

Serial Ports.

What type of port number is assigned by IANA to commonly used services and applications?

Well Known Ports

How many ports are there on a computer?

The number of ports on a computer depends on the type of computer it is. The type of ports they have--for example USB, headphone, or HDMI--also varies greatly from computer to computer.

How do you ping to a port?

You cannot ping specific ports as they are not designed to respond to this type of protocol. Each port can be checked for an open or close state.

How could you recognize parallel and serial port of computer?

Parallel ports typically have 25 or 36 pin ports. Serial ports, by contrast, have only 9 pins. Both type of ports have two rows of pins.

What type of sata port is on a Foxconn C51GU01 Motherboard?

Most likely it's 2 SATA 2 ports.

Does crystal cruise lines have ports located in California?

Yes, Crystal Cruise Lines do have ports located in California. There are many ports in California. You can find the ports listed on their website. Depending on the type of cruise, the cruise lines port at specific locations.

Can you fixed telephone port with gigabit port?

No, you cannot. LAN ports are of type RJ45, when telephone port is RJ11. Basically it means that they have not only different size but also different number of wires.

What type of port is a PS2 Port?

A PS/2 port is a mini-DIN connector. For more on mini-DIN ports, see this Wikipedia page:

What ports does a Mac have?

There are several computers in the Macintosh range from the Mac Mini to the Mac Pro. What ports you have depends on the type of Mac you have but they will have ports such as: Gigabit Ethernet port Mini DisplayPort Audio in/out SD card slot FireWire 800 port USB 2.0 ports Optical digital audio input and output TOSLINK ports Analog stereo line-level input and output minijacks

Where is the air conditioning low pressure port on a 2000 Jaguar S Type video?

The low pressure port is the smaller of the two ports in the refrigerant lines. It has a blue or green cap on it.

What type of port is not likely t0 be seen on newer notebook computers?

dial-up modem, PS2, serial and parallel ports etc.

Where can one find information on HTTPS ports?

You can find information on these types of ports online at any tech website. There may be an online forum board with step by step help. Creating this type of port means it is secure.

How do you open a port on your ip address?

It really depends on your router. But usually, you can open up Command prompt, type IpConfig, and then look for something that says Ipv4 address. Then go into your internet browser, type, find something that says "Port Forwarding" or "Port Opening". Then add a new one. Type a name for it, in the port spots, put the ports you want open, in the address spot, put your Ipv4 address. Bam. The port should be open.

NAT type modern warfare 2 xbox 360?

Configure Port Forwarding or open the below ports in your Router/Firewall. Here's the Port #'s and service:TCP 80UDP 88UDP 3074TCP 3074UDP 53TCP 53

What type of port or ports are you used to connect a digital camera video to a computer?

It depends on the video camera. It's usually USB, but it could be FireWire, Thunderbolt, a port on the Graphics Card or Sound Card, or somewhere else on the I/O port. Hope this helps! SeanHolshouser

What type of input given to the microcontroller input and out put port?

usually sensor or digitized voltages on the inputs. if the port is parallel port, the input doesn't have to be serialized first. Output ports usually converted back to analog for some control application via D/A converters

What is a SA TA port on motherboard for?

Most modern CD/DVD drives and hard drives plug into SATA ports. It is a replacement for the older IDE connection type.

Does a expansion hub allows you to provide new and external ports to your computer?

Depends on the type of hub you're talking about. A USB expansion hub for example would allow for additional USB ports.

What kind of ports connect a mouse to the computer?

It's almost always a serial port of some kind, but might be an old RS-232 type serial port, a PS/2 serial port, or a Universal Serial Bus port depending on the mouse in question. It could even be Bluetooth (which is still a serial protocol).

What ports need forwarded for a minecraft server?

For the default Minecraft port, the port is 25565 - however if you wish to have more than one servers running at once, you would have to select a new port, and you'd have to type your IP and at the end of that, add :25564 if you put 25564 as the port. (Include the colon!) I hope this answered your question!

What device can be used to upload software to a notebook with a CD drive?

A CD :) I know that is not the answer you are looking for. When looking at the notebook does it have ANY ports? Does it have a USB port? Does it have RJ 11, RJ 45 or serial ports? (If you do not know what these look like just type the port names i have listed in your Google browser and search the images category... You will see pictures of what the ports look like). Once you know what ports you have you can figure out what device you can use to up load data. You just buy an external harddrive/memory unit that has the same connection/connector. If you only have an AC port and a CD drive your options are... A CD.

What type of port is used to connect to a monitor?

There are four types of ports used for monitor, the most common is a 15 pin D-sub VGA port. Next most common is a DVI adapter. HDMI is a newer type. CGA is an old style that used a 9 pin d-sub.

Why can't i connect to IWNet?

If you're having problems connecting, make sure you've got the correct Router ports opened or triggered, both for the PS3 & PSN, and the specific MW2 ports as well.ROUTER NAT AND UPnP MODES - ENABLED*Note: Make sure to enable these TCP/UDP ports in BOTH directions (i.e, for Routers that have TCP, UDP, and Both for settings, set them to Both. If your Router doesn't have that type of setting, set the Port to either TCP or UDP as indicated, and enable the pass-through in both directions (full duplex))TCP Ports: 10070 - 10080 UDP Ports: 10070 Voice Chat: UDP 6000-7000, 10070 (for headset operation) Remote Play via Access Point: TCP 9293PLAYSTATION Network: TCP Ports: 80, 443, 5223 UDP Ports: 3478, 3479, 3658Call of Duty - MW2 Ports:TCP 27014-27050 UDP 1500, 3005, 3101, 27000-27030, 28960It's easier to use Port Range Forwarding or Triggering instead of Single Port Forwarding. In those cases where there isn't a range but only a single port listed, your range is the same port, e.g., Range 5223-5223 for Port 5223. Port Triggering is also preferable to Port Forwarding, since Triggering relies on the game or application in question to trigger the Port request when necessary to the Router. Static Port Forwarding setups keep your Ports open as long as they are enabled in the Router setting, and as such are more vulnerable. Trigger Ports are only open as long as the game or application needs them to be open.