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Most are full or modified unless the barrles have been shortened
There are different barrel lengths- legally, anywhere from 18 inches, out to about 32- although most are 26-28 inches. The external diameter may vary some, but not a lot.

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What is the value of Remington double barrel model 1900 12 gauge shot gun?

Steel or Damascus barrels?

Is a Riverside Arms Co 12 gauge double barrel dated Feb 10 1914 a Damascus barrel?

If this is the model 215, the barrels are steel.

What is the value of a 16 gauge T Barker double barrel shotgun with Belgian steel barrels?

Less than $200.

Are the 12 gauge and 20 gauge barrel compatible on the 12 gauge stock?

If you are speaking of the single or double barrel guns, you can change barrels. However, you should have a gunsmith look at the other barrel to make sure it fits properly, most of them need a little hand fitting.

Does Stevens Savage make a double barrel shotgun with different gage barrels?

not with more than one gauge in one gun, but yes they make 12,16,20,28 gauge shotguns.

Age and value of a double barrel 12 gauge shotgun by empire arms?

the gun has two hammers and on the barrels is stated laminated steel

Ranger 12 gauge double barrel shotgun The gun has no serial number It has a Pat April 20 1915 The gun is a ss and has proof tested 12 Gauge on the left barrel The barrels are 27 inchs Th?

Was there a question there?

What is the value of a Hartford 16 gauge double barrel-damascus twist barrels?

About $100 or so. The damascus/twist steel barrels are generally considered unsafe to shoot with modern ammunition.

Value of 12 gauge double barrel revelation?

whats the value of a 12 gauge double barrel revelation

How do you clean a Ranger 101.6 16 gauge double barrel shotgun?

That is a Stevens double. Pull straight down on the forend to separate it from the barrel set. Then open the barrels and remove them down and forward. Far as you need to go.

What is the value of an excelsior 12 gauge double barrel shotgun with 30 inch damascus steel barrels machine made in belgium?

700.00 dollars

Who made the new Worcester double barrel model a gauge with damascus barrels?

This 12 gauge has 26 inch barrels with a brass rifle shot for a site the serial# is 7989it is about 130 yrs. old the best we can figure out some one please help me.

Did H Spencer make a 10 gauge shotgun?

Yes. I have one. Double barrel, hammer gun. Damascus steel barrels. Circa 1895 I think.

What is the value of 12 gauge double barrel shotgun made in 1970?

What is the value of a 12 gauge double barrel shotgun made in 1970?

What does a gold star on the underside of the butt of a 12 gauge Bridge Gun Company double barrel shotgun with laminated barrels mean?

Nothing in particular. Just decoration.

How can i identify the history of a double barrel side by side 10 gauge shotgun. w.richards printed on both sides of the stock but not on the rib between the barrels.?

you don't

How old and what is the value of an empire arms double barrel 12 gauge shotgun that has two hammers and has laminated steel on top of the barrels?

@ turn of the century, 50-100 USD

Where can you find the serial on a Lefever double barrel 12 gauge shotgun?

Open the action. It is stamped on the water table, which is the flat part of the frame where the barrels sit.

What is the value of a 12 gauge Montgomery Ward double barrel serial 169776 with 32 inch full choke barrels?

Depending on age and actual manufacturer, up to $250.

What barrel does the 220 model savage have?

The Savage model 220 was available in 12 gauge,16 gauge,20gauge,28gauge,and 410 gauge chambered barrels,with a barrel length of between 26 inches-32 inches.

How old is a J Stevens A and T Co 12 ga double barrel shotgun serial 4002?

i have an old 12 gauge double from j Stevens a & t company and it is hand stamped 33 on the barrels receiver and the brace underneath barrels and we dated it back to 1880's

Where can you buy a western field Montgomery wards double barrel shotgun?

I have a 16 gauge double barrel for sale.

Do you have any pictures ofPeerless12 gauge double barrel model 272562?

any one with information or pics on peerless 12 gauge double barrel hammerless with 272562

What is the value of one of the first fifty 12 gauge Ithaca double barrel shotguns made with twist barrels?

Exactly how is the gun marked so we can identify what you actually have.

What is the value of a 20 gauge Fox Model B double barrel shotgun?

I own a double barrel A.H. Fox Strerlingworth Fow 20. Gauge and it is worth $4500