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Is there a dog breed called Akbash Dog?


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Yes, there is a dog breed called Akbash Dog, and it is big and white. It is a working dog.


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The noisiest breed of dog is said to be the beagle. They are followed by the collie, Doberman pinscher, Finnish spitz, and German Shepard. The quietest breeds are the Akbash, basenji and borzoi.

He is identical to my dog that is a mixed breed Akbash-English Shepard...they are the same size, markings, color, coat --- I wonder if they could be related?!?

no but the dog breed that is called the hotdog is the daschund.

Boo is a breed called a Pomeranian.

A dog that is native to western Turkey in the Akbash region. It is used primarily to guard livestock. The name comes from the Turkish word meaning white head. It is also a primitive breed believed to be 3000 years old. It is a snow white dog, and one of the few odorless breeds. They are a guardian dog not to be confused with a guard dog. They can not be leash trained or confined to a kennel. They cannot live in a neighborhood. You must have large amount of acreage and have a Job for them because they are a working breed. They are beautiful dogs.

There is no breed of dog called "bear". However, there is a breed with the word "bear" in its name, which is the Karelian Bear Dog, a rare breed of dog that originated in Finland.

I believe, thought I am far from and expert, they are at least partly the same breed? A friend of mine was telling me about his dog, an Akbash, and it sounded so familiar I looked it up in an old dog book. No Akbash listed, but the dog I remembered was, an Anatolian Sheperd. Googled it a while ago, and they may be the same dog. Further research required. The Akbash, Anatolian, Kangal (Karabash) is a big controversy. I own an Akbash or Akbash type Anatolian if you are in that school. I think the Akbash and Anatolian have different confirmation in addition to the unique color of the Akbash. Also, I believe the Akbash is a more fleet footed animal. They are very fast and athletic. As to strength, I cannot say. I believe this would be more a degree of tempermant and socialization so it is not a fair question. Both are very beautiful animals and I would suggest you learn about them firsthand. My Akbash spends most of his time laying at my feet or guarding the gate and keeping an eye on things and you would think he is a doormat until you come in uninvited and then you will think again.

A male dog (any breed) is a DOG. A female dog (any breed) is a bitch.

a dog, especially a mongrel. mongrel means a dog of mixed or indeterminate breed.

No, but there is a dog breed called the Puggle. Which is a beagle and a pug mixed together. -WB

My dog is a short haired dog he is a breed called a havanese. This dog breed is from Cuba. Hope this helped!

There are several mountain Dog breeds, including:Greater Swiss Mountain DogSt. BernardGreat PyreneesAtlas Mountain DogBernese Mountain DogPyrenean Mountain DogAkbashAppenzell Mountain DogBavarian Mountain HoundCentral Asian ShepherdMountain CurTatra Mountain Dog

Both the Akbash and Kangal dog breeds from Turkey are livestock guardian dogs. Both breeds can be fearsome animals, but are not fearsome animals if treated properly. The Akbash is the stronger breed. Personal experience: I have 4 Akbash dogs (two males two females) and they are truly the best a man can have . One does not train this breed, but allows it to find its own place within the family. This breed is completely independent and suffers no fools. They will not leave the property or try to escape if it has a job guarding sheep, goats, chickens or other dogs. Do not think about this breed if you do not raise livestock . These dogs are dominant, but only fight to protect their charges. As far as strength, it can only be measured by the love and honor the dog feels towards you. If you are looking for a fighting dog, step away from livestock guardian dogs because if you don't allow this breed to be free, it will make your life so miserable you will wish you never had one.

The breed of dog that was once known as a nanny dog is the pit bull dog.

It is an Australian Cattle Dog, which is also called a Blue Heeler.

This breed of dog is called a Dalmatian.

Yes, there is a breed of dog called "Airedale Terrier"

no, all the dogs have breeds.. but technically when a dog is a mutt it can be called a dog. like when you go to the vet and your dog is a mutt , they dont put mutt they put canine/dog

there actually is not a breed called wolf dog but you can get a dog closest to a wolf a German shepherd of a husky

The dachshund is nicknamed the "wiener dog" or "sausage dog," but it was the dog that actually gave the food (hot dog) its name.

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Yes, it is a terrier-like toy breed of dog.

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