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I would say the simplest way to achieve what I think you're trying to, would be to subtract the amount paid from the amount owed.

Example:1.99 + 3.25 + 2.50 -------- 7.74 - owed - 10.00 - paid -------- -2.26 - how much is still owed
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What does slope mean in algebra?

Slope in algebra refers to the rate of change of a function at a given point. This can be used in physics, where on a graph that shows the change in velocity, the value of the slope is equal to the acceleration at that moment in time.

Where is an online equation calculator that shows its work?

Yes there is you shouldn't use it though on Calculator Soup.

The table below shows some data for the function Vs which shows the volume V of a pyramid with a given side length s What is V5 - V2?


How does a calculator show a reaminder?

It doesn't, it shows it as a decimal

What does a forex calculator do?

A forex calculator shows currency conversions. It shows how much a dollar amount is in different countries that have different currencies than your own. It is a currency converter.

Where can I find a good IRA calculator?

Dinkytown has several financial calculators including a Roth IRA calculator. The calculator does a great job at predicting future balances based on a given interest rate and contributions. It also shows the advantage of investing in a tax sheltered account as opposed to a taxable account. You can find this calculator here:

Is there a calculator that shows the work?

well i wouldn't know since in only yrs old but i have read the history of calculators and only found a ALGEBRA calculator that shows work I'm still looking for a calculator that shows teacher says there shouldn't be one because if there is kids will just use them for their homework and show their work just use that calculator........sooo.....yeah....bye-bye pplz

Is there a calculator that shows work?

Any calculator that prints on paper can be set to print everything as it goes into the calculation. There are calculator programs on computers that include a "tape" that shows work, as well. A number of more recent calculators also show work on the graphical display.

Which notation shows that P is a function of x?

Answer t Which notation shows that P is a function of x?his question…

How do you get the tangent of 81 degrees?

On your calculator, there should be a Tan button. Hit that, then type in 81. Voila! Tan81 = 6.313751515 (As far as my calculator shows.)

What is a function rule in algebra?

A turtle runs 3 mpm (meters per minute). Write a function rule that shows the total distance the turtle ran for any given amount of time (in minutes, m).

The weight of a fish depends on its length what shows this idea expressed in function notation?

You haven't given the choices, but the function notation would look like this:w = f(L), where w is the weight, and L is the length.

What are some advantages of a function table in math?

it shows the function of things

TI-nspire always shows 1 solution how do you get all the solutions?

In order to get other solutions, you need to change your guess. The calculator will normally give you the solution closet to your guess.

Would it be smart to get a RV loan calculator?

Yes, this is like a mortgage loan calculator and it shows you interest rates and everything like that. It shows how much you want, how much it will cost per month, and how much interest per month it will be.

Explain why the relative atomic mass of boron is 10.8?

because the Periodic Table shows us 11 but the calculator shows us 10,8.

Explain how a calculator shows the remainder when you divide 145 by 8?

All remainders on a calculator will appear as a decimal. Some TI scientific calculators can convert the answer into a fraction.

What is the function of a digital watch?

it shows the time

Where can I find a good online mortgage calculator?

For a mortgage calculator there is one at This is simple enough for anyone to calculate it and it also shows different company's and options for mortgages.

What does the change in x values say about the transformation?

An additive change shows horizontal translation.A multiplicative change shows horizontal stretch or compression.

How do you find the binary value of an IP address?

The quickest way would be to use a calculator. If you use Windows, open the calculator, and give the command "View - Scientific" to change it to a scientific calculator. Make sure "Dec" is selected, type in the first byte, the click on "Bin" to convert to binary. If the calculator shows you less than 8 bits, you have to fill out with zeroes to the left, for a total of 8 bits. Repeat for the remaining bytes.For certain exams, such as CCNA, you have to be able to do these calculations without a calculator - but since this looks unrelated to your question, I won't go into details here.

What is the hundredth place in a decimal?

0.02 - the 2 in this example. If you type this into a calculator, you will get 2/100, which shows this clearly :)

Which websites offer a mortgage amortization schedule?

This loan amortization calculator shows you the breakdown between principal and interest in your mortgage payments. Each calculation shows you amortization .

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a scalebar is a map part that shows how much space is given us a distance

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. It shows how organisms change over time.