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Is there a fuse that controls the headlights and taillights on a 88 Olds and if so what does it look like?


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2004-12-15 14:32:35
2004-12-15 14:32:35

Yes. Look at your fuse panel, located under the dash or behind the driver's kick panel. On the back of the cover is a diagram showing you which fuses control what. Find the one that says "taillight" and check to see if it's burned out. Find the one that says "headlight" and check it to make sure it's not burned out. Change the burned out fuse. Replace fusebox cover.


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In the fuse box, it controls the dash lights and taillights.

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The tail light fuse controls the headlights in a Nissan Altima. A second fuse box is located next to the battery.

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The fuse that controls the taillights on a 2000 Ford Explorer can be found in the fuse box that is in the engine compartment. The cover has a label that displays what each fuse if for.

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No there is not a fuse for the taillights.

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