Is there a good light for growing plants?

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the best light for plants is sun light , put your plants on the window stil or plant outside
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How does light help plants to grow?

Light is an essential component in photosynthesis,light is absorbed by chlorophyll in leaves & is used to make food(glucose) through the process of photosynthesis,therefore helping them to grow & thrive. Yes, water and sunlight is needed for plants to photosynthesise and therefore grow. Photosynthes ( Full Answer )

Why do plants grow toward the light?

Plants grow naturally towards the strongest source of light, this is called phototropism . They do this in order to maximise their exposure to the sun and increase the amount of photosysnthesis (and therefore growth). This is a survival mechansim. An example of this is plants close to a window w ( Full Answer )

Do plants grow with sun light or with out?

Answer . Most plants grow by using light to produce food via photosynthesis, however some plants, such as fungi are able to produce food without the use of sunlight.

How do you grow a good bean plant?

Answer . Churn up the soil in the spring. Add lots of compost and fertilizer (Osmocote, or miracle gro) and re-till the soil. Plant them in an area that receives at least 6 hours of sunlight a day. Plant the seeds or small plants in the spring when danger of frost is past. Erect a 'Beanstalk' fro ( Full Answer )

Does light effect how a plant grows?

Yes. The more sunlight it gets, the higher it grows. Light provides the energy required for photosysnthesis to occur

Do plants need light to grow?

All plants need sun light to grow except for the few living on the ocean floor which lives off of material harmful to most living things. ( I am only about 90% positive about this)

Will a plant grow in artificial light?

Growing plants with artificial light is very popular. Growingplants with artificial light is particularly useful when naturallight is not abundant.

Can a plant grow in artificial light?

Plants are grown in artificial light all the time. As long as the photons of light are of the correct wavelength the plant does not care where the light comes from.

How does a plant grow towards the light?

When a plant only gets light on one side, it produces a hormonecalled auxin to make the part of the plant in the shade to growlonger. This causes the plant to bend and go more towards thelight.

Will plants grow with fluorescent lights?

Fluorescent light works for most of plants and even aquarium fish. But when it comes to special races of plants, such as mariguana or some philotherms, HPS or MH can achieve a better effect. Check the link below for more detail about fluorescent light.

Can plants grow with indirect light?

It depends on the plant, some plants can only grow in indirect light as direct light can burn the leaves. An example of this is the African Violet which should be grown in indirect light. There are some plants, however, that require full sun and others that require shade. It depends on the genetic ( Full Answer )

Where can you find grow lights for plants?

Grow lights are usually purchased from a local specialty store that can be found in the yellow pages listed under either INDOOR GARDENING or HYDROPNICS. The internet is also a good resource for both grow lights and indoor gardening supplies. Common internet search terms are grow lights, indoor ga ( Full Answer )

Can you grow plants in artificial light?

You can grow plants in artificial light. This is through theprocess known as hydroponics which can use incandescent, florescentor LED bulbs within an enclosed environment.

Can a plant grow with a blue light?

Depends on what kind of plant. Plants with red and yellow leaves, such as maple, absorb more blue light. I use a blue LED light for my herbs growing. And my herbs are growing well.

How do plants use light to grow?

Photosynthesis is a metabolic pathway that converts light energy into chemical energy. Its initial substrates are carbon dioxide and water; the energy source is sunlight (electromagnetic radiation); and the end-products are oxygen and (energy-containing) carbohydrates, such as sucrose, glucose or s ( Full Answer )

Why do plants grow in red light?

I am doing an experiment on growing sunflowers in different lights. I am using red, blue and white. I need to know why the ones in the red light and white light are doing so good and the ones in the blue light have died. Can you give me some insight on this please

Will a plant grow in a black light?

Yes, if the black light only emits UV-A, and meets the requirement of intensity required by the plant. UV-B will damage the plant's DNA, and UV-C will make ozone also damaging the plant.

How does light make plants grow?

through the process of photosynthesis. light and water are absorbed during the light reaction of photosynthesis. the light is absorbed in the chloroplasts thylakoid membranes. this excites electrons. electrons dont "like" to be at this unstable state so they find something to bond with. then t ( Full Answer )

Can you grow a plant with light beer?

There was a roumer that a plant called "the saloon plant" that was reportedly watered with beer (it was grown indoors so it didn't have any light) and it never seemed to die. But I wouldn't try that with other plants.

Do plants grow without light?

no, because they need light to practice photosynthesis, this produces energy (glucose) for the plant

Can red light grow plants?

the answer to wash a cup is to put three fingers in it and push in and out and thts how u wash a cup

Why do plants grow towards light?

Plants reacting to light is called phototropism. As plants need light to survive, by growing towards the direction of the light they give themselves the best chance of getting the most light.. Plants can tell the direction of the light because their surface has chemicals that react to light. These ( Full Answer )

Why is soil good for plants to grow in?

Hi there soil helps a plant and their health because it contains all the vitamins and minerals which helps plants to be healthier and to also help them produce their own chemicals such as chlorofil the green pigment, the vitamins and minerals in soil nourish the plant and is taken to different areas ( Full Answer )

Can plants grow with artificial light?

Plants are grown in artificial light all the time. As long as the photons of light are of the correct wavelength the plant does not care where the light comes from.

Why is loam good for growing plants?

Loam is good for growing plants because there are a lot of minerals.hThere is decay in loam.That helps plants grow too.Very many organic matters from the mixture of moist clay soil is good for planting.

What plant grow in lo light?

All will but most will struggle.. Ones that don't struggle so much are typically ones naturally found in woodland or forest under-storey - like monstera, aspidistra, trillium, ferns, ....................

Why do plants grow to the light?

Plants phtosynthesise to produce energy. Photosynthesis involves turning light energy into chemical energy (glucose) so plants grow towards light so that they can absorb more light and therefore produce more energy that they use to grow etc.

How do plants grow in red light?

You can check out the answer yourself , by a simple experiment. Plant some seeds in a pot.Wrap it with red Cellophane paper. After some days, you will see that only few plants are grown; but those are tall.

Is compost good for growing plants?

Compost is great for plants absolutely the best thing! All of the nutrients from the food areabsorbed into the compost. Yes! Use it!

Can plant grow on artificial light?

Most greenhouses use artificial lighting (or grow lights) to supplement daylight, for instance, to trick the plant into thinking it is a long hot summer day when it is snowing outside. The latest technology uses LED light bulbs, which can be designed to emit the colors of light that best suit pho ( Full Answer )

In what light do plants grow better?

plants grow very well on the sunlight. it can prepare photosynthesis with this sunlight. it gets lots of vitamin-D in the sunlight

Will plants grow with no light?

Yes, plants store excess glucose they don't need as starch so when there is no light the plant can survive of the excess starch but only for a certain amount of time.

Why does plants need light to grow?

Light is an energy source that drives the chemical reaction called photosynthesis, which plants use to manufacture sugar.

Why plants grow better in light?

Plants grow better in light because plants make their own food. They need sunlight to produce their food cells, as they need water, and soil.

Does light color grow plants?

Plants, in fact, do grow faster under certain colors of light. The reason for this is that chloroplasts can only absorb certain wave lengths of light because of the pigments they contain. There are 2 photo systems in plants called photo system I and II. PS I absorbs light on the wavelength of 700nm ( Full Answer )

Why does the growing plant need the light?

The growing plant requires photosynthesis, without light photosynthesis is unable to take place. Plants feed off photosynthesis as they consume Carbon Dioxide and Water, with these things they are able to produce chlorophyll using their chloroplasts and light, which hence enables them to produce glu ( Full Answer )

Why does a plant grow toward the light?

A plant is a living organism just like us. If we needed water and were in the desert, where would we go? Towards a river. A plant is just like that. Plants need sunlight to make food, and therefore to survive. A plant is attracted to sunlight and will grow towards the sunlight to maximize the amount ( Full Answer )

Why do plants grow more in light?

They use chlorophyl in their leaves to turn the light into glucose (food) and therefore with more light, they get more food, so grow faster.

Where is a good place to grow plants?

If you live in an apartment you should put it on the balcony where it can get lots of sunlight. If you live in a house you should plant it outside in your garden. If you have A HUGE yard, then you should build a green house to grow your plants. Be sure not to use any chemicals because if you are pla ( Full Answer )

What lighting does a plant grow best?

\n Plants all grow differently in different lighting, depending on the plant it could grow best in shade or direct sunlight it all depends on what the plant is.

Is there light on the moon to grow plants?

There is light on the moon. However, none of the other necessarythings are present. There is no air, no liquid water, no soilnutrients, and nothing to shield against solar radiation.

What are good plants to grow in shade?

The best plants to plant in the shade will still depend on a variety of factors, including your soil type and your geographical location (overall temperature, moisture, etc.). Some shade-loving plants which traditionally are very hardy include geraniums, bleeding hearts, and hosta.

Is miracle grow good for plants or not?

Miracle Grow is a propriety plant food. It supplies feeding to plants. Whetherit is good for plants is open to discussion, on the whole plants benefit.