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Is there a good way to empty an above-ground swimming pool?

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Get the garden hose, run it from the pool to a drain and siphon the water out.

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How do you get rid of water boatmen in a swimming pool?

Empty the pool out and fill it with soil. OR Use chlorine.

Can a swimming pool remain empty during winter?

Yes, preferably.

How do you empty some water from your swimming pool?

you can use a vacuum or cup

How would hydrostatic pressure affect a swimming pool?

once you had to empty your swimming pool it might turn into a fu***ing boat ing boat out of it

Leaving swimming pool empty in summer harmful to the structure of the pool?

Yes, plaster will dry out and crack.

Can you leave an inground pool empty for the winter?

I think it is not advisable to leave the swimming pool empty during winter times. Snows and falling branches of trees and leaves can harm your swimming pool. There are some pool covers that you can use and designed for winters like Pool Leaf Covers and Winter Covers.

Can you drink enough water in your lifetime to empty an olympic swimming pool?

yes you can

Can bed bugs live in a swimming pool?

They may survive in an empty pool, but are not able to live under water.

How can a person get a good in ground swimming pools?

One can get good inground swimming pool by acquiring good inground swimming pool kits. These kits are available online and simple internet search can give you contact details of manufacturer and supplier of good inground swimming pool kits.

How do you look good at a swimming pool?


How do you repair your rusty swimming pool ladder?

A rusty swimming pool ladder is not so good to see in your swimming pool. I advice you to repaint your rusty pool ladder or you can just buy a new one.

What is not a storage pool for phosphorus?

A swimming pool is not a storage pool for phosphorus. Not a good idea!

What is a good onomatopoeia for swimming pool?


What is good about a swimming pool?

Swimming Pools are good, because when it is hot, you can relax in some cold water. You can have a fun time, with your friends and family in the pool.

Can you swim at swimming pool after rain?

Yes, not a big issue in this. You can swim in swimming pool even after rain but it is good to avoid swimming in pool during rain and thunderstorm because of lightning.

What pump size do you need for your swimming pool?

Determine how many gallons of water your swimming pool holds. You will also need to consider what size filter that you have. If you have an undersized filter to pump it can create filtration and circulation problems. Be sure to look at the turnover rate for your pump and filter that you are considering. If you have an aboveground pool most pump and filters are sold as a pre-sized set.

What is the pitch in swimming?

a swimming pool a swimming pool

How do you locate the leak on an easy set swimming pool when empty?

If the ground on the outside of the pool is is reasonably wet you may find that water will seep into the pool where it leaks. Be careful with an empty pool ground water can make them float up and out of position if you do not have a hydrostatic valve in the bottom.

Is it good to use iodised salt in your swimming pool?

NO !!

What is swimming pool in English?

'Swimming Pool', sometimes shortened to 'Pool'.

Is sunlight good for a swimming pool?

Sunlight is good for a swimming pool. Sunlight can help warm up the pool due the penetration of sun rays. As the summer months progress, the water will warm up gradually.

Where can you buy a heat pump for a swimming pool in Belgium?

Alegria is a good reseller if you want to buy a heat pump for your swimming pool (in Belgium).

What are some good swimming pool movies?

There are quite a number of movies that may be described as good swimming pool movies. These include, 'Bathing Beauty', 'On a Clear Day' and 'The Guardian'.

Where can swimming pool pumps be purchased?

Swimming pool pumps can be purchased from all good pool specialists and many homeware stores. For example, try webpage stores such as Amazon and Ebay.

Where can you purchase swimming pool covers?

Swimming pool covers can be bought from all good pool shops and suppliers, such as Pool Warehouse UK and Best Buy Pools Supply. They can also often be found on eBay.