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No, there was no Halo 1 demo. The first Halo was made for the original Xbox, not Xbox 360, so there was no capacity for online play or downloads. Because of that, there was no demo made.

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you can not download halo 2 demo for mac for some reason but you cant but there is a halo demo 1 for mac you can get it by seaching it in google type in halo demo for mac

Unfortunately, There is no Halo 3 demo

no haloMD(mini demo) is a fan created version of halo demo for intel macs also very mod based origins i think you are looking for either halo demo(ppc mac) or halo trial(windows) ^ that guy is a fool adding Halo Combat Evolved demo version or also known as Halo Custom Edition. Halo 3 has no PC demo versions. Only Halo 2 has.

they dont have a firefight demo for halo reach soz

u can get the demo @

You can't play the full version with the demo. Sorry!

you can download halo 1 demo but usually hard to find cannot rerally download halo 2 or 3

well i also wanted a halo 2 pc demo, I serched for about a month and the only thing that appears is the halo 2 pc demo e3 2007, i downloaded it and its just a video.

its none demo only a beta you can buy halo odst in nov in the store but tath in euroe

No, the only demo of Halo 3 came with crackdown those copies are now invalid. You will need to purchase the game to play it.

No official demo for Halo 2 has been released. You could download a copy of it however this will be illegal until you buy a real version.

Yes, there was a Halo 2 demo shown at E3 2003. But after E3, Bungie scrapped the level and the demo because it could not be shipped on any gaming engine. After E3, nobody would ever be able to play this demo again. This has caused anger among many Halo fans at how bad the final version compared to the demo. Hopefully, it will someday be available on the Xbox 360 live marketplace, or at least with a special edition of Halo 2.

Yes. Simply google "halo trial" and you will get several pages to download the demo game from. The demo lets you play on the campaign level Silent Cartographer, and the multiplayer level Blood Gulch.

You cant get it for xbox but you can download it off the official halo website.

As of now the Halo: Reach beta is gone, your not going to be able to.

no you cant get halo reach for free but you can get the demo

The very first level is kinda of like a demo. It does not cover everything though.

i don't believe that there is a demo in PC only in xbox 360

No you cannot, the entire game, including the demo, you can only play as the UNSC.

Im pretty sure the beta is a demo but im not sure sorry.

go to and type in halo. then just scroll down and find halo combat evolved (if you cant get to the site from the address bar, go to google and just type in halo demo and look at the links. find the one that says

No there is't but appertly the OXM are saying that a demo will be availble sometime

No the demo is like a beta version of the game n serioslly get Halo3

No, The demo only allows you to play for a certain amount of time.

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