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You most likely have a leaking intake gasket. I'm guessing the knocking is coming from the front driver's side of your motor (cylinder 5). This is a big job. I would suggest getting it looked at before your motor fails. Coolent may be leaking into the motor. Does your coolent level drop...this is a sure sign. b: they also pull a stud on the heads @ 2 & 5 I have fixed # 2 on mine this is in the front head just pulled valve cover put a $30 dollar thread repair kit (autozone) in it & put the cover back on i am now trying to see how to get to the back one #5 that is doing the same thing

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โˆ™ 2009-08-14 12:26:58
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Q: Is there a history of the Pontiac Montana Minivans having a knocking problems in the engines?
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