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Is there a hospital called Lemavie Hospital in Nigeria


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Go to the hospital !!!! If you are unable to get to a hospital, call 911!!

a hospital bed or if you meant a stretcher?

Yes there is an hospital i know call victory hospital here in Ikaja,Lagos

call 911 or call the nearest hospital

Call a doctor, hospital, or poison control center immediately.Call a doctor, hospital, or poison control center immediately.

This isn't a question ... it's a fragment of a thought. What about your friends and the hospital?

In the African Luhya language, a hospital is known as "Isubutali".

you should always call 911 if it is an emergency and never try to drive to the hospital by yourself and if you are in danger you should call 911 of emergencies or if yo you are in danger

Yes. A Medical Center is an American Hospital. In the UK we don't call them Medical Centers.

You just call them a patient or you could just call them a person.

Well, obviously you call them a patient. O_O

You have to call the hospital, and in a few cases, they will not release this information over the phone.

An ambulance transports an ill or sick person to the hospital.

You need to call your dentist! Call the hospital if needed.

Call the hospital! Or tell your boss that your pregnant and you need to go to the hospital, or ask someone to drive you there.

Call Netcare Pretoria Hospital 9985287 or Universitas Private Hospital on 4052546

At least go see your OB/GYN - if you call them they may recommend going to the hospital.

Foothills Hospital Day Medicine Calgary, Alberta call: 403 944 1436

If you know the name of the hospital, call them and give them the details to find out if they have been admitted.

This actually differs from hospital to hospital as well as from reason to reason. It's hard to pinpoint because there is no actual department one can call for urine tests. It's best to just call the help department and get more information from there.

What do you call a car that takes crying babies to the hospital? A waaahbulance. The joke is that babies cry, and make a sound like "wahhhh" and ambulances are cars that drive people to the hospital.

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