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No there is no building in Nigeria that is called Baylod Medical Centre.


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There is Faith Medical Centre (also called Faith Mediplex) on Airport road in Benin City, Nigeria.

Does exist the Holycross Medical Centre in Nigeria somewhere in the area of Lagos or below, and a Doctor named Babatunde Adegoke who works in that Medical Centre? Best Regards, Swissie

Yes there's.. they also have Another Branch in South Africa..

There's this new thing called Google Maps, and I think it will help you very much, hurr durr!

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Yes there is a hospital Called Christ medical Centre in Apapa. Christ medical centre is in a secure environment! ther doctors are well trained and professional. I have been traeted there and i can honestly say that i was extremely satisfied

Yes. Asiri Hospital medical centre provide it since 2011

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University Hospital Centre Zagreb was created in 1942.

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